Monday, March 12, 2012


Ive decided to finally seek a licensed professional Christian psychiatrist. Im tired of fighting this thing on my own. Sometimes I feel as if Im in a daily fight for my sanity. I would turn to my church, but Im afraid if they would know some of my issues, I would be typecasted as that crazy one. I remember one time long ago.. i went to a medical doctor for depression, he wrote that in my file and every time i went to the doctor for something as simple as a bad cold he would always look at my chart and ask...



Ive figured out I need to be able to talk each and every issue out without being looked at as being crazy. or delusional. or paranoid. or self centered. or better yet.. narcissistic. I need to figure out how to deal with every issue and talk everything out and renew my mind continuously.

The thing about depression, people are very quick to say well just pray it out. get into your Word. you are just wanting and seeking attention. blah blah blahhhh..... None of that is ever the case and yes those are the solutions only AFTER you figure out the REAL issue and what that issue is coupled with.

And Im figuring out the issue always goes back to the feelings of abandonment.

I dont wish to take psychotherapy drugs. or the bring the fam in and have the big discussion on how much they have screwed my psyche up thing cuz I know neither of those will work.

I just need to be able to talk about each issue.

One at a time.

Without being typecasted. or.