Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blessed to Have Been Blessed

Sometimes, we will pray for a person to receive a blessing when we have the means or can sacrifice our means to bless them ourselves.

On yesterday, I received that blessing. I received that blessing unexpectedly in the mail when once again, I was down to my last dollars, wondering how I was going to get bus fare for the week. I wasn't particularly worried about this issue, but I surely was curious to see how God was about to work this out for me! LOL

This person did  not just bless me, but they sacrificed of themselves to bless me and they do not even have a job. They listened to God and trusted and had faith in Him to provide for them as they made their sacrificial blessing unto me. Just like I did not worry, but trusted and had faith in God that He will provide. And He did. Twice. This was the 2nd person to bless me unexpectedly in two weeks.

Sooo many lessons to be had from this, but the main lesson being to trust and have faith in God to provide and He will, with the 2nd lesson being, when God tells you to move, then MOVE and do not wonder about the HOW. Act Instead of Pray.

God will bless you even more abundantly for your obedience. <<<<< I am a living testimony to this statement.

I am not by any means suggesting that one should not pray for others.. but sometimes we do not need to pray, but to ACT when God commands us to move. They didnt just pray for me but instead was obedient when God told her to move. 

Think of it like this.. if you are in a prayer circle and someone prays for an immediate need of $100 to pay a bill.. God reminds you that you have $100 in your pocket and clearly tells you do give it to that person. Do you continue to pray that someone blesses them? Or do your give that $100 while trusting God to fulfill your needs?

Think about it. 

Thank you, for your sacrifice. Both of you and all of you who have helped me these last few months. I can't even say it has been a trying time, only because with every day that passes, my faith and trust in God gets stronger and strong that He will in fact take care of ALL of my needs.

Why am I so transparent you may ask? Many of you do not know, but about 3 years ago, shortly after I joined my church, God called me to be an Evangelist and I am now in ministerial training to fulfill that call. My direct instructions from God are to bring others to Christ by the repeated telling of my story and testimony. Transparency is a Spiritual Gift, not one that is biblically defined, but if one was to categorize it, it is a Gift of Service. My transparency is to "help" others by telling them how God has moved in my life so that they too may believe how God will move in their life and believe it for themselves. Not nor my glory, but for His Glory only!

Dear God, I pray you will believe on today that God will in fact supply each and every one of your needs!

Hebrews 13:16 NLT "And don't forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God."

Be Blessed and please.. Be a Blessing!