Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rule 7: And this is the rule of ALL rules.... If you find yourself at the register with something in your hand you do not want... DO NOT.. I repeat.. DO NOT place the merchandise on the far other side of the register... in the display racks.. or anywhere else that is not in my hand with a remark simply saying that you do not want it. I am standing RIGHT HERE. Just give it to me DAMMIT!

Rule 6: when returning your merchandise... do not get mad at us because we are on to your ticket switching ways.... our system now tell us what merchandise belongs with that ticket. Acting a fool does not move me. I will bag your stuff back up, hand to you and tell you to have a nice day.... all with a smile on my face. yanno... the smile that makes you wanna slap us!

Rule 5: We will not be scanning merchandise that is in your layaway. That is the risk you take when you put it on layaway. the point is... to hold your size before somebody else buys it... for REGULAR PRICE. and our regular price is 50% off of regular retail price!

Rule 3: I really don't care why you are returning your items. Really I don't care. I know you need the money back... so SPARE ME.

Rule 4: if you would like for us to get out of this recession stop listening to the financial experts telling you to ask for a discount. this is off retail folks. doesn't come much cheaper than that. especially if it has already been marked down 3 times. does AS IS mean anything to anybody?

Rule 2: Please... do not put 400 bucks worth of stuff on layaway that your are going to later delete off until you have just enough stuff to cover the amount of your minimum deposit.

Rule 1: Do not get mad with me while during your attempt to cut through a very long line and interrupt me while I am with a customer to put your precious merchandise that you are not going to buy anyway on hold when I kindly tell you to wait in the return line. It is not my fault that your job only gives you a thirty minute lunch. Shopping downtown during lunch hour is not the way to go.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Can somebody tell me how to fix the issue of some people not being able to comment on my blogs? I dunno what the problem is.

Let's not forget something...

...I am a victim of domestic violence.

with that being said, for those of you who may know another woman who is too a victim, it is a very hard thing to get out from under your abuser.

I freely admit, for a loooooong time, fear left me standing still. I made some bad legal choices and made things to easy for Mister when we first went to court in 2005. So busy trying not to throw gas on the flames.  see, when fear makes you still, you will do anything not to fan the flames.

so, year after year, court visit after court visit, I have allowed a special brand of fuckery to go on too long.

Now with that said, I am manning up, bit by bit. People always say that Mister has some kind of hold on me and I always deny it. but I guess in some way he does. when one has one's hands around your throat and you see that special brand of fuckery in their eyes that lets you know that they would have no problem snuffing you out.

yea... that will kinda make a bitch be still.

So, I have been testing my waters, bit by bit. slowly not allowing him to control me. since i took control from him by leaving him and getting a permanent restraining order, his only means of control is to fuck with me, make me pay money, keep me in court, delay arrival times... etc...

yes, I will continue to have the email wars with him, because the more I talk back, the more unglued he becomes because not only is he use to me succumbing to his will being done and being silent and I need to change his line of thinking... but also, I get to have documentation of his brand of madness.

No, I do not enjoy this, not one bit. It is nerve racking. but i am not having it this time.

and although I am trying to shatter battered woman's syndrome by being more vocal, I still have to recognize the fine line that he may try to snuff me out.  I can no longer allow him to think that him not bringing her back is going to make me bow down. and I am definitely not bringing him up here under false pretenses and allowing him to think one thing and spring a surprise on him later.  Not only will that make me look bad legally, but that would be just damned dangerous.

So, walk five steps in my shoes and I guarantee you, you would have bowed down too because nobody can say what they would honestly have done in my situation with a man who made his point clear when he wrapped his hand around my throat on five different occasions to the point in which I thought that that was it.

i absolutely HATE passive aggressiveness. I really hate it from people who claim to be so BIG AND BAD!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

For All of You who Offered to OFF MISTERRRRR for me.....

Does the offer still stand?????

Where do we start????

A couple of weeks ago, I told Misterrr that I would not be able to pay what I am suppose to pay which is half of his traveling

expenses when he comes and gets MIniMe and returns her for the tune of $300.  (don't ask, judge's orders) it is so high because he insists on driving a damn Expedition when he comes up.

Anywayss, with this looming tuition bill fast approaching and my rent still not paid for August, I simply do not have it. I just don't. Nothing I can do about it.

So, I get this email just moments ago, saying that he will be arriving on his scheduled day 4 hours earlier than originally planned. Ummm, won't be home, i have to work this Saturday, which I planned with Management when I got the original email. I have to open that day, and I won't be getting off until 4 and not arriving until at least 5:30. Can't afford to leave 3 hours earlier and lose my money. Nope, can't and will not do it!!!

7 days notice? Not gonna work...

He pulls this shit every year, be it Christmas break or summer break, changes his arrival time and throws my shit way off base. I either have to call in or call out. He did it last Christmas, told me two days before he was scheduled to arrive that he won't be coming until the day after the agreed upon date which forced me to call off from my retail job in the heat of the Christmas season! A Saturday to boot!!!!

I sent him an email saying that I will see him at 5:30pm and that no, i will not be having his money.

Let the email wars begin...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Julia and Julie

Genre: Documentary
We went to go see Julia and Julie today and it was GOOD!!!! Even if we were the only blacks and maybe even the youngest people at the show!!!! It looked like a casting call for COCOON and GRUMPY OLD MEN! LMAOOOOOO

Hands On: Swiss Gear Wireless Mobile Mice - Gearlog
This is the worse mouse EVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!