Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What are You Going to Do? BBQ or Mildew?

A while back.. I gave my first sermon for my Homiletics class. I wish I can say  I did a great job BUT... 

I keep thinking back to my first sermon. My teacher all but hated my sermon and told me if she was in the congregation she would have gotten up and walked out the church! My feedback from my classmates were equally as bad if not worst. The difference between my teacher and my classmates is that I know my teacher spoke to me in love from her Spirit, but I cannot say the same for my classmates.  Well, I am not going to say  ALL of my classmates, but some.  I was perhaps, and I may be partial, given the worst feedback out of all of my classmates who had given their sermon up into that very moment. 

I remember how I felt at that very moment.   My sermon was on being typecasted and how we are to see ourselves and others with the renewed eyes of Christ if we are to GROW in Christ. I remember feeling as if I was typecasted while speaking on being typecasted.  I know my teacher spoke in TRUTH, it REALLY was an awful sermon, but what she didn't know