Monday, November 16, 2009

Ladiesssssssssss.... do you know how to listen???

Ladiessssss... so you know how to listen to ur spouse? I am the first one to admit that I have/had a listening problem. Back in the day, I would never listen to a significant other cuz I thought they were trying to control me. Long time ago... i was with a dude and we were feeling each other very quickly and pretty hard. Then one day he dropped me like a hot potato. My offense? i didn't listen to him.
I did something he specifically asked me not to do and I was too young and dumb to realize that it was for my own good and he was like if she doesn't listen to me now...will she ever???? Now it took YEARS for me to get that lesson, but I appreciated it after getting wtih Mister. the lesson that I learned is that it is IMPERATIVE to listen to your man knowing he is protecting you from what he perceives to be harmful and for your own good and you have to have FAITH that his intentions are good.  Now i say I realize later that it helped me when I got to Mister because  I KNEW that he meant me no good and that all of his advice/instructions was laced with manipulation. The lesson that I have recently learned is that I have the discernment to know the difference.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sumffin on my mind lately b4 I go off 2 work *again*. Ive witnessed how relationships including my own have unfolded b4 my very eyes N nothin peturbs me more than to see 1 person givin n givin N getting nothin N return, or shall I say not gettin what they may most need.2 see some1 givin N givin,willing 2 go 2 the ends of the earth 4 this person 4 the sake of lovin that person that much N not get half of that back is heart breakin 2 watch. You gotta learn when to quit. I can only wish and hope that someone will love me that much because I will surely return that love and I am now optimistic that that will happen for me. Have a good day folks!!

It's Monday....

Good Murrrning Fam!! Happy Monday all as Im perched back up on my cloud and looking at life through my rose tinted anxiously waiting to go to work! Got alot to say this morn.. so bear with me. 1st, thanx to all who stopped by (on facebook ya'll kinda forgot about me over here on the Ply LOLOL) and gave me birthday love, it was much appreciated! this weekend was a good weekend finished with me finally joinin a church yesterday.  Those of you who have been following me for a while know i have been searching for a church home for some years cuz I knew I have been needing to be fed, I just couldn't find the right nourishment. I had a moment of self doubt and sadness on Saturday, but I am human and I am good for kicking myself for bad choices that I made, but at least I can say... I learned from my mistakes.... as I was told... gotta keep looking for the good in everything that happens, and I am getting better at it. My profound moment for yesterday, which literally had me in tears is when the minister said... "Sometimes we get caught up in our own selfish moments and woes that we forget about those that need prayer more than us." As Oprah says.. that was my AHA moment. it can always be worse. Yes...I have been told repeatedly that it can always be worse, but I felt like he was specifically calling me SELFISH and that is something I fight hard not to be and I was like UNH UNH that ain't me!!! So we were challenged to "dare the devil to try and weigh me down with NOTHINGNESS." and that is my personal challenge... I am daring the devil. LOL people's harmful words are NOTHING to me anymore. My sincerity was doubted yesterday about my so called "spiritual" moments, I am not trying to impress anyone on here nor do I have ulterior motives. I am just trying to grow, be awakened and arise to a new and better me. Change starts from within. I have no problem with changing, cuz we all have room to grow and I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. That is all. Nothing else.

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