Monday, June 8, 2009


i just concluded taking my last final and turning in my final paper for my Post-trial Litigation class.  Can we say



I's tiiide now.  Well, not really, just abnormally RELIEVED in the sense that the mental drudgery of it all is OVER!!!!

Yesterday was my first day off from work and school since Minime has been gone.  And what did I do? I cleaned!!! Cleaned, cleaned and did MORE cleaning!!!!

and I am still not done!! I even took down my blinds and washed them in the tub. I HATE dusty ass blinds! And I hate using a duster on it because it makes the strings dirty.  so I doused them with bleach, let them soak and washed the windows inside and out.  and what did i get for my efforts??? STREAKS!!!! (SHEDDUP SILKS)

This is my MiniMe-is-gone-for-the-summer CLEANINg and this kind of cleaning takes some doing.  Not to mention having 2 years worth of school shit that has hit the trash.

I am about to go home (yes I am out of commission) and do the kitchen and bathroom and if I have enough energy, Imma hit the bedroom.


PS: and NO I am not missing the MiniMe yet!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Almost there....

Today is Friday. My next to last day of class. Can i get a wooo hoooooo?????

Thursday, June 4, 2009


So, at the moment, I am sitting in Panera Bread, working on doing my memorandum that is due tomorrow.

First, lemme say 'scuse my foolishness for yesterday, I realized later that I was PMS-ing.  that resume workshop really snuffed my ass out! LMAOO I swear I was sitting in that seminar with my blood jumping, heart palpitating, the whole bit.. LMAOO

I am still  pissed about the rent shit, but oh well, it is not the first time, imma take the landlord's lecture with a smile and try not to smack him..  after all playing russian roulette with my checking account IS my fault, no matter which way I look at it. I just got caught up....

Now, the point of this blog as I am sitting in Panera bread is that I am not going to get SHIT done cuz there is too much distraction.  (internet is cut off for the moment *shrugs*) and this chick is sitting behind me FLAPPING HER FUCKING GIBS!!!! I am soooooooo glad that when I had a cell phone, I did not talk loudly in public and REFUSED to talk on the cell phone while on the bus or train unless it was a bonafide EMERGENCY!!!!

Now, keep in mind, that I do not have cigs (sheddup) as it is the day before payday and this chick behind me IS ABOUT TO FEEL MY WRATH!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Resume building

I just attended a mandatory university/paralegal department sponsored job preparation and resume building seminar and uhhhhhhhhh THEY SCARED THE BEJESUS OUTTA ME!!!

Two different presentations, one cancelled out what the other said. There are so many ways to build a resume, how are you to know which kind to have? Some say no objective, others say objective is mandatory.

I just found out today that some of the people who did paralegal internships got jobs at that particular firm, now I am feeling i have missed out. Now they are saying that we need to be interning for that dreaded experience and I absolutely cannot do that, I can't work ANYWHERE for free. I am TERRIFIED, my confidence has been WELL SHAKEN. This is a city of knowing somebody, who knows somebody just to get your kid in a good school, I can only imagine what it is going to be like to find a job!!!!!

ok, i am getting besides myself....

Banking when poor...

I would like to formally thank Chase/Wamu for taking my rent money out of one account to catch up my overdraft account.

I am starting to think that when one is living on the bare minimum, one needs not have a bank account.

Tomfoolery, Shenanigans and Rabblerousing at it's finest: A Ma Barker Story *wipes tears*

Soooo, Mister and MIniMe have arrived safely in Ga.  Of course, he could not get down there without some form of foolishness.  I am going to do my best to tell this story without falling out from laughter...

Mister told me that on the drive to Chicago, Ma Barker complained about his driving and telling him that he was driving too fast.  Now, I will say, Mister can subject one to a terror ride in a minute, especially if he is sleepy, so he will speed to keep his adrenaline going.  He said Lisa I swear, I went 75 the whole way, most times the speed limit was 70-75. OK.

Sooo, on the way back, she got to complaining again.  She was holding on for dear life and pushing on imaginary brakes. LMAO Sooo, Mister stops for gas and Ma Barker goes inside to use the bathroom.  So he finishes getting his gas and proceeds to wait for his mother.  Next thing he knows, 15 minutes goes by.  So he goes in and knocks on the door, she peeks her head through and says she has to wash her hands, she will be out in a minute. He goes back to the car and waits.  Next thing he knows a police car arrives and the officer goes inside.  He paid it no mind until a few minutes later the officer comes out with his mother. *wipes tears*  The officer escorts Ma Barker to his truck and tells Mister to come talk to him behind the truck. 8hehehehe*

So, lets recap for  a minute, Ma Barker went to the bathroom, called the police on her cell phone and told them she was frightened of her son's driving and to come and tell her son that he is driving too fast!!! LMAOOOOOOOO

So the officer says to Mister: Your mother is sick isn't she? *SCREAMS WITH LAUGHTER*

Mister was like yes, yes she is. the officer says ok, we are gonna pretend I gave you a stern talking to and you have a nice day. *wipes tears*

Mister says that as he was leaving, a fire truck and the ambulance turned into the gas station!!!  He said he never been more embarrassed in all of his life. LMAOO I asked him how was Taylor during the trip and he was like she was fine.  She didn't worry him with a million questions about if they were in Georgia or not.

See, I know what REALLY happened after that incident. LMAOO MIster said that afterwards, he took her cell phone from her and since it was on his plan, he promptly called Verizon and had her service cut off. lmao He then told her that she was gonna have to go, he didn't care where she went, she was going into a high rise or something or whatever it is he could find. He then told her that when they got home, she better not try not to take care of Minime. Dont give her a bath, dont get her ready for bed, she wasn't gonna be watching her tomorrow, he will take care of his own child thank you very much. Now, I know good and damn well he said all of those things cuz that was always his threat against her and it was always done during a SCREAM JOB.

I know good and damn well he gave her the SCREAM JOB of a lifetime. LMAO and I know he prolly scared MiniMe shitless in the process which is why she didn't badger him with 20 questions. lmaooo

I also know that Ma Barker ain't going ANYWHERE!!! LMAOOO

And umm, I am not gonna tell ya'll that when they got home, Mister ran MiniMe's bath water and told her to come down and take her bath. MiniMe came down the stairs and asked....

"Daddy, I have to take TWO baths?"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Taylor's Graduation

The first of many...

I don't feel like uploading the rest! LOL

It is almost time....

For her to get her little behind up outta dodge!!!  She didn't get to bed until almost 11 after me trying to press, curl and roll her hair for today only FOR IT TO RAIN!!!! I think it is gonna snap back on me again like it did for that first graduation picture....

Compared to the new pic LOLOL

I think Imma leave her hair in rollers until we get to the school. Can't be taking no chances! LOLOL  and after the ceremony, that hair situation will be Mister's problem! LMAOOO

Sometimes I wish she had my hair, his damn genes took over on that one! LMAOO  And I say that because I don't always know what to do with her hair because Iack experience in such!!! and yanno, an inexperience person's press (with an electric hot comb) and curl, no telling what is gonna happen1

anywayssss, she woke up at 7, much to my dismay! LMAOO Woke up talkin bout it's her graduation!!!! Anybody who will listen from the bus driver to a stranger walking down the street she lets them know she is graduating into first grad on Monday and her Daddy is taking her to Georgia right after the ceremony! LMAOO

She has talked to him for an hour first thing this morning. She keeps asking him if he is in Chicago yet! LMAO  She is WORRYING ME TO DEATH!!!!  She is soo excited her little ass couldn't eat her beloved grits and eggs. LMAO

Lemme get my ass off here and start getting us ready.  Still haven't packed her bag. Can ya believe that?  I was gonna do it last night but after trying to do her hair last night, I WAS TIIIIIIIIDE and went my ass promptly to bed!!!