Friday, May 29, 2009

I Hope Her Little Ass Freezes Today...

Well, today is MiniMe's kindergarten class trip.  They are able to wear their own clothes today.  Of course, little Miss. Diva MiniMe picked out her outfit on Monday.  LOLOLOL I agreed to it because after I checked the weather, it said 80s for today which would have been fine.  So today, I get up and check the weather and it said 75 with a chance of rain in the evening which mean at about 3, the temp may start to drop.  Sooo I am like, hmmmm, I dunno, that outfit may be pushing it today.  So, Miss. Thang got her little behind up, bounced into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and washed her face without discussion, turned to me and asks is her outfit ready for her on the couch. LOLOLOL And so I was like, well sweetie, it may be a little too chilly outside for that outfit and she was like, I can just wear my coat MOTHERRRRR!!!! lmaoo I was like FINE, I surely was not up for an argument.  Now, don't get me wrong, I do believe in being the parent but I also know when to (1) pick my argument because this outfit deal would have caused her to have major attitude issues this morning and I wasn't up for it and (2) the best lesson is a bought one.  I have the kind of kid that she has to learn certain lessons all on her own and then it is no longer an issue or major discussion.  So I just said, OK, but you may be cold today.  Soooo, we get to school and of course all of the other little girls are in longer sleeves and pants and she goes in and sashays her little behind their just positively BEAMING. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

Her posing is a hoot!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I feel like a gotdamn train wreck...

I was just able to verbalize this feeling in the comment section of another blog cuz I just couldn't put it into words. LMAOO

I finally let my eyebrows grow back from all of the chop jobs I have given myself via razor and wax... I am looking a little mannish at the moment...

Let go back and revisit that shall we? LMAOOOO

I am doing the curly hair thing this summer. Last year I couldn't get it to curl, this year I have plenty of curls except, i am looking a little moppish.

I think I am needing it to be cut, it some kind of style, that will work for straight hair or curly hair.  Definitely, no layers.

Last week I took a ery bad fall, I dunno what happened, but one minute I was walking, the next SECOND I was down for the count.  I couldn't even brace for impact. Just kinda sat there in a big ass heap.  Now, since then, my ankles and knees have taken a turn for the worse, they have always given me problems.  I know a few years ago, a doc told me I was starting to lose cartilage in my left knee and now I can feel the bone rubbing together.  yeah yeah yeah, i need to get to a doctor.

I think my dream of being a cop is slowly fading away.

Last semester, I lost my Versace prescription glasses and I am now down to my next to last pair of contacts. pffffffffft I think I have enough left on my flex card to at least get the ultra cheap yet ugly pair...

Although in hindsight, I don' think I like these... (but I am still pissed that i lost them)

OK, I think I have stalled long enough from working on this legal memorandum (can we say it is giving me the BLUES??).  I have laughed at myself now, I am good. LMAOO

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I can't take NO MORESSSSSSSSSS part 2

Now, I know I said that before, but nothing prepared me for what you are about to see. I swear, this is no joke!!! I saw this with my own eyes at the 95th Street train station here in Chicago. I was PISSED I didn't have my camera, so one of the dudes who was tripping on this too, took this picture and emailed it to me on his phone. 




Now, a word from our sponsors....

Photo Album 2009-05-24

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have a question for you guys. Is your online persona different from the one that people see???  I know for me, you guys see a much more vulnerable side of me than I EVER show in public.  Most people in person find me unapproachable, due to my physical stature, the seriousness in my deep voice and the serious look that usually accompanies such. My blogs are the inner workings of my mind and heart, something I dare not reveal to the general public.  It is much easier to display my insides to people I really don't know than it is to those who know me personally.  I really don't have to worry about the judgment calls here and since I don't know most of you personally, I really don't care! ha!

My point in this is that I like to think I am consistent.  Meaning, the person you see here online is the same person you will meet in person once one cracks the shell.  But I am one who loves to laugh whether online or offline!!!!

Many people aren't that way.  Have you ever met someone who was completely not what you expected them to be??  I have and all I can say is WOW!!!!

I believe many of you may be confused as to who and what I am.  I am not the softie that I show on here. In many ways, who I am here is who I wish I could be personally. Well, sometimes anyways.  I don't believe in being TOO soft or vulnerable with people.  Although I may be falling apart on the inside, one will never be able to tell that by watching me walk down the street.  Although I may show some of my weaknesses, inner turmoil , self doubt and insecurities (we ALL have them so don't FRONT) here online, does not mean I am a weak. 

Although this blog has gone in a completely different direction than I originally intended, I guess the point I am making is if one should ever meet me, don't EVER think that i am WEAK or EASY PREY to put up with your personal brand of BULLSHIT.  I sniff it way better than I let on.  Don't let my online lameness fool you.  As I used to tell Mister, I am not as stupid as I may look.  LOLOL  Those that have known me for years can tell you way better than I can ever show you

Leaving Facebook... | Facebook

Is noisy sex an inalienable right? :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Other Views,CST-EDT-open16.article
Ya think we here in the US of A can get some "annoyance" ordinances passed? I am just asking! LMAO

Monday, May 18, 2009

Habib and 'nem Pt. 2: MADE IN AMERICA

Lately at work, I have been given a bit of a reprieve from the sales floor(YIPPEE) and working in the cash office.  This consists of breaking down and counting 16 registers from prior day sales.ok. no prob right?

This billion dollar company I work for....

The last of the Mahicans to still be PROFITING....

Has an ANCIENT computer system to transmit the money...

I mean, granted, it is a windows operating system but the cash office function is operating in MS DOS!!!! WTF????

Sooo, yesterday, I just KNEW i was going home by 3pm, no later than 3:30 on a glorious Sunday afternoon.  Well, at about 2:45, the system freezes.... *sighs*

So I had to call the help desk only to get someone whose first language is not English...

I tell her the issue is that after I input the breakdown of the money, and push f5 to print and the screen freezes...

Lemme stop and say, last time this happened, I call the help desk and dude fixed it right then and there, tapped into my system and POOF the situation was resoled...

Sooo, this chick only hears *not printing* and proceeds to ATTEMPT to fix the printing issue...

I said noooooooo, last time this happened, dude went in my system and fixed it.

She still only hears *printing issue*

Shit is printing off the printer every which a way!

I am still frozen...

She then realizes she can't fix it and *escalates* (there goes that word again) that problem to the team leader who will call me back at a time she cannot specify.. and I am like, I cannot leave until I am able to balance out and close the session.

That didn't change her answer. LOLOL

I hang up with her, call back and get another somebody whose first language isn't English. *rolls eyes*

He listens to the issue and this time tries to go into the system, has me logout, shut down and restart, re-log in and damn if his password didn't work. Now mind you, I can't understand him so after 10 tries of trying to get the password and it doesn't work, he then *escalates* the problem to a team leader.

Hang up and call again, got the first chick again, she can't fix the problem again BUT this time, tells me that I wil not be able to balance out and close my session, call back in the morning.

By all this time has passed, it is now 6:30!!!! I didn't get home until 8 (much to MiniMe's delight becasue she is at Grandma's house) and was too tiiiiiiiiide (mentally) to do anythin but create a facebook quiZ and go MY ARSE to bed!

To sum up a long story, how is a multi-million dollar company OUTSOURCE the help desk for the cash office computer system, in other words, you are outsourcing the control of your money system to folks who DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MiniMe's class pt. 2

MiniMe's class pt 1

She was a bit stressed in this video because there was drama about her not being able to dance today. LOLOLOL

I am waiting on my one way ticket from Lucifer....


School assembly at MiniMe's school.

Well they gave it their all. LOLOL The choir was was pretty good, but we need to stop telling the young girls to sing gospel music *throaty* How about we stay on key???

I can't take no mo FOOLISHNESS!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Naysayers.... & the Blessing and the Curse...

If any of you remember, my God-family and I had a bit of a fall out last during the last Thanksgiving Holiday.  This led to me kind of putting them out of my life for right now because I couldn't deal with the constant negativity being brought on upon me.  Without going into a loooooooong ass story, it essentially came down they were tired of me and my situation and they also felt (without speaking on it) that I was lying on my mother not being more helpful to me which led them to think that I was using them instead of asking my mother. *sighsss*

Anyways, since this time, I had not been in contact with any of them.  As I told my closest God-sister, I will be staying away and distancing myself from them until I am in a situation in which I can't be made to feel ashamed of.  I haven't heard anything from them since this time except when my niece emailed me asking what I was doing for MiniMe's birthday and how she wanted to take her to a movie.  That never panned out.
I finally called yesterday, to bid my God-mother a Happy Mother's Day and the conversation was strained at best.  It lasted all of 3 minutes, she didn't ask questions and I didn't offer any details.  I was kind of disappointed by it, was almost ready to cry and then I remembered how peaceful these last few months have been without being in constant judgment of my every move.  although I love being given advice, I don't like when advice is given with the expectation of me following it to the 'T' without factoring in that said advice needs to be tailored to the individual person and situation and as I said before, don't give me the advice that isn't GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU and YOUR KIDS.

Sooo, since this time, I had lost the only free babysitter(s) that I had and was at a complete loss as to what I was going to do this semester.  At that time, I was in the height of the Christmas season, losing money every week due to having to call in which caused the viscious cycle of not having a babysitter, losing money because of it and then not having money to pay another babysitter.

Well in the midst of all this, I was really down and one day in class, I had a public moment that I usually reserve for in private at which my classmate asked me what the issue was and after being told, offered to keep MiniMe on the weekends for free through this semester.  Talk about a complete surprise!!!  Her rationale was that she already has 4 kids, what is one more??

Sooo, the necessary arrangements was made and this arrangement started at the end of January.

Now, before I begin I must say that I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth!!!!

Nothing on earth could have prepared me for the condition of her apartment. I was floored beyond repair and being that I have a face that tells everything, I couldn't even recover my face for the shock that it was displaying.  and the kicker????

She says to me, girl, come on into my nasty house...

*blank stare*

MiniMe's white socks come home black and won't/can't come clean. I can't send house shoes anymore because they don't come back home. Shit is EVERYWHERE. No, not just cluttered, but nasty dirty too.  There are 6 people under her roof (and yes she is married) which means six changes of clothes everyday piled up in the living room. The house smells like dirty clothes and pee which is a smell that MiniMe brings home with her and is absolutely unnerving. 

She has four kids, a 9 year old daughter, a 7 year old boy and 3 year old twins.  there is constant noise and confusion, belts being swung, kids playing and falling on a hard concrete floor, kids skating in the house, riding a scooter in the house, playing, fussing, fighting cursing, etc. Just mad confusion that Minime isn't accustomed to!!!

When I say MiniMe HATES going there, that is a severe UNDER statement.  The first couple of weeks was ok, then all of a sudden, one day as we were approaching the building tears came out of no where and then I got part of the story as to what was really HAPPENING over there. 

the 9 year old daughter for a lack of a better word, CHUBBY. I mean, literally wears a size 18W kinda chubby.  With little chubby kids, their personality will either be being passive and allowing people to walk all over them, or of the bullying kind. She is the bullying kind and bosses everyone around that is down right rude.

The 7 year old boy has ADHD, and honestly has the makings to being a serial killer, he disregards the value of human life and emotions, wets the bed and from what I hear, will torture an animal in a minute. They don't know what to do with him so he is subjected to constant beatings which would be appropriate for a typical kid his age, but with him, I think it is doing nothing but enhancing his disassociative behavior.  I have witnessed him saying that he hates his mother, will do the crazy sign behind her back and totally disregards any and all instructions from his mother.  MiniMe says that he is always hitting and teasing her and finally one day I had to tell her, if he hits you again, retch back as far as you can go and knock the shit out of him!!!!  I came in yesterday and witnessed his relentless teasing of my daughter. *sighsss*

Then there are the 3 year old frat girl and boy twins.  These two are the terrible two.  The little girl is being a little girl her age, but that little boy??? Babaaaaaaaaaay BYE!!! He is nothing but the reincarnation of the older boy.  I told MiniMe that she couldn't hit him back cuz he is doesn't know any better.

Every weekend, it is a fight to get her over there.  The crying, moaning and groaning has become damn near unbearable, and I cannot wait until this is all over with.  I question her in detail as to the goings on over there to make sure that it is not too egregious and every weekend I am consumed with guilt when I drop her off over there as she asks me how many more weekends does she have to go.

And lets not talk about the behavior changes that MiniMe goes through by time the weekend is over with.  It takes me until Wednesday to get her back on track and then it is time to send her back over there to start this shit again.  I am desperately trying to hold on, she only has 3 more weekends over there before she leaves for Ga.  I really feel guilty by subjecting her to this, she does manage to have some fun, but I can really do without the changes in her behavior.  Talking back.  Not listening.  Coming home and rapping to songs and shaking her little ass.  They are big rap video watchers over there, something that I do not expose MiniMe too.

I am all about controlling the kind of kids Minime is exposed to. I am big with her being friends with kids who have like minded parents.  Many, including my God-family, have accused me of thinking I am better than others or of being uppity, but I know damn well, they wouldn't have allowed or accepted this with their kids.

I try to keep in mind the valuable lesson that MiniMe is getting by being exposed to others who are different from us.  She is not used to confusion, teasing, etc, etc... and maybe it will help her get thicker skin???


At the end of the day, I have to stay thankful for this *ahem* blessing.  I don't really feel like I can say anything to my *friend* because after all, she is doing this out of the kindness of her heart.

4 weeks of school left and counting....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have been trying to place his voice..

I have been trying to figure out who my Post Trial Litigation Professor sounds like and it finally dawned on me, he sounds like a male version of Fran Drescher only with a deeper voice. I cannot stand to listen to him and i am finding myself tuning him out!!!! But it is SO annoying that I can't even try to read my textbook instead of listening to him. I am in my own private hell right now...

Waukegan man to start 3rd trial on '92 murder - Chicago Breaking News

MiniQueen's graduation....

Start:     Jun 1, '09 12:00p
and departure for Georgia. She ain't gotta comeback until JUNVEMBER!!!!!

MiniMe Graduation Pictures.

And I am happy My mommy paid 50 bucks for my press and curl.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The MiniDramaQueen Chronicles...."I'm SMELLY"

Sooo, yesterday, I ran back and forth to the bookstore selling my college books back trying to gain capital and the MiniMe and I got home a little late and did not get her bath.  I had told her last night that she would get a bath in the morning.  Soo, this morning, we woke up late at 7am and bustled out the house in 20 minutes flat.

We are going along in our morning while on the bus and all of the sudden, MiniMe PROCLAIMS rather LOUDLY that she didn't get her bath last night and I told her she would be taking a bath this morning and now she is going to be all smelly!

Laaaaaaawwwwrd, chirren know how to embarass you! LMAO

Sooo, we get off the bus and she is really carrying on about this smelly business and how she is going to stink at school. LMAO  So I tell her that she had been washed up and I washed her *smelly* parts and she proceeds to tell me how her legs and arms are going to be smelly. LOLOL Then she asks WHAT ABOUT MY FEET MOMMY???? MY FEET ARE GONNA BE SMELLY!!!!  And I ask, do you plan on taking off your shoes and socks??? Whats your deal??? LMAO  She is crying and whining about it and I started singing ALLELUIA trying to drown her out and she starts proclaiming loudly, while walking down the street, how she is going to be smelly. LMAOOO  So I said, won't anybody know if you don't tell them and she says she is going to tell EVERYBODY she is smelly!!! LMAOOO

So we finally get to the front of the school and I said give me hug and kiss goodbye and she does so, goes inside the school door, turns around to me and says with a toss of her head... "I'M SMELLY" and spins around on her heels and goes inside as I stood at the door crying with laughter. LMAOOO

Never a dull moment in this camp. LOLOLOL

Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost doesn't count....

My grades for the first 5 classes have been trickling in and I am positively SICK about it.  I got Honors in 3 out of the 5 classes, and a *PASS* in the other two. Those two classes my average was a 88.7% in one class and an 89.2% and I needed a 90% to receive Honors. Why am I so upset about this??? One because in both classes I scored in the mid 90s on the final.  Two, because upon our graduation, law firms asks the school for the "honors list" and I won't be on it because you have to receive Honors in 7 out of 8 classes in order to get the Honors Paralegal Certificate.  I am sitting in class trying to keep myself under control cuz the tears are brimming.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Michelle Obama's mystery man identified - Lynn Sweet
I am gonna chalk this one up as a bad news day...

Venting for a moment...

A little while ago, I spoke about going to apply for food stamps.  Well, I did, and was denied because I was 30 bucks over the maximum amount of income you are allowed to have.  Since then, I found out Mister has lost his job and was operating on severance, my hours have continued to be cut with an occasional week of reprieve, meaning I would get a week of extra money.

Well, the rent is paid through the end of May through a lucky, yet manipulated the system kinda break. *whistling real hard like*

On average, I am operating on a 150/week budget.  Most of which I have to either pay a household bill and try and pay on MiniMe's tuition.  She still in school on the good graces of the principal.

Last week, the child support suddenly stopped.  I say suddenly because Mister claimed he had another job within the same company at a lower position and now claims that their was a payroll screw up.  Well, I kinda bought that for the first week, cuz the employer has reduced their staff by about 25%.  But two weeks???? Payroll glitches in companies that pay weekly are usually absolved by the next payday.  I had asked about a month ago about if he could contribute to MiniMe's tuition, which is how I found out about him being laid off in the first place.

So this week, I was forced to charge my debit card on Wednesday for food and bus fare, hoping it wouldn't clear until today, but it cleared yesterday. Sooo, i got 4 overdrafts pending and the extra hours I got last week is now for the banks enjoyment and I am finding myself facing the never ending circle of having to use my card for food and bus fare for next thus risking the potential for being in this same hole next week.

My child support isn't 50 bucks a week, which is usually what use for the $28 bus card and the rest for food for the week.  I have asked him what is going on, and I am only getting vague responses and really, I am fit to be tied at the moment.

it is funny though, because up until today, I have faced every obstacle in a pretty upbeat fashion.  I haven't been feeling down and as I sit here fight tears, I am deteremined not to get too terribly upset about this. 

I guess what is really chapping my hide right now is that  I worked those extra hours (during finals week no less) only to be left with 40 bucks for the week.  and what else is getting me is that Mister seems to not be concerned.  I mean, if he could be honest and upfront about this and his scenario, maybe I would feel a little bit better about this.

Oy vei.

in other news, I got my hair to curl up this year, but I am looking a little moppish. LOLOL