Monday, April 13, 2009

The Prisoners don't run the Prison!!!! (repost)

Sooo, yesterday morning, was a hellish morning in my household. MIniMe woke up with her panties all in a bunch. First, was the fit that was had over me putting up the sofa bed before she ate breakfast because she wanted to eat her breakfast on the sofa bed in front of the tv. Well, I didn't have that kind of time, sooo, first thing that morning, I put it up.

*Sidenote: she likes sleeping on the sofa bed on the weekends in front of the tv, a real treat for her in my house! LMAO

Anywaysss, she asked if she can have grits and eggs for breakfast. I informed her that there weren't any grits and she asked me if I was for real. Yeah kid, I am lying about some grits. So then she proceeds to tell me if I was going to make her eggs like her Grandma makes them and I am like well whats the difference? And this little rascal proceeds to tell me that she her Grandma's eggs better because hers doesn't have black stuff (from the skillet) in it. And I was like really now? She goes on to say that yes, Grandma's eggs are much better than mine. OK kid, so how about I am not fixing you any breakfast and you better hope your Grandma fixes you some breakfast this morning and GOOD LUCK asking her for it. Why did I say that??? You know hysteria ensued right?

Sooo, the fit and crying started along with the declaration of how she is starrrrrving and how she is going to starve to death. And she is sooooooooooooooooooo hungry and blah, blah, blah blah. She was going on and on and on, crying and screaming acting a fool so of course I gave her something to cry about.


And of course, since I have the kid who don't know when to quit, she found herself picked up by her coat and raised up against the door looking down at me which finally scared her into submission and gave me the silence I needed..

Again, needing to be able to say SOMETHING, she then raises her hand. LMAOO

So fast forward to my mother's house. I reminded her when we got there that if she wanted something to eat, she better ask my mother for it and tell her why she didn't get breakfast.

So, I talk to moms late last night and we are able to exchange stories. My mother says she came upstairs demanding that she have breakfast cuz she was starving to death. So my mother was a bit miffed by that and she was like excuse me? No Good Morning, no how are you? You are just going to come in demanding breakfast???? But Miss. Taylor didn't back down, she went on to DEMAND eggs and then told my mother....

"I like my Mommy's eggs better because she makes me grits with my eggs!!!"

Do I need to add that she didn't get eggs at my mother's house either? LMAOOOO


  1. lol...Mini is a trip. You know it's funny but kids will try and play one against the other...heck i know i use to try it all the time.

  2. By the way Queen she is so adorable and looks so much like you. I love that picture of her.

  3. (THUD)

    I swear I hit the damn flo and passed out laffing at this!!!!!

  4. just when I thought it was safe to get up off the flo...



    and HOLLARING!!!

    And looking at that lil angelic face, I would never expect her to be trying to okey doke y'all

  5. *bowing to the ol mighty mother*

    I think i need to take lessons from you!

  6. The thing about this is, she already thinks I am crazy, as she is suppose to, but she hasn't done the neccessary addition in figuring out WHERE I got my brand of crazy from: My MOTHER.

    One thing about me and my mother, we don't bow down to no kids!!!

  7. Lmao@ she found herself picked up by her coat and raised up against the door looking down at me which finally scared her into submission and gave me the silence I needed..

    That right there happened to my oldest when she was bout 8...she quickly calmed her lil tail down