Monday, November 9, 2009

Sumffin on my mind lately b4 I go off 2 work *again*. Ive witnessed how relationships including my own have unfolded b4 my very eyes N nothin peturbs me more than to see 1 person givin n givin N getting nothin N return, or shall I say not gettin what they may most need.2 see some1 givin N givin,willing 2 go 2 the ends of the earth 4 this person 4 the sake of lovin that person that much N not get half of that back is heart breakin 2 watch. You gotta learn when to quit. I can only wish and hope that someone will love me that much because I will surely return that love and I am now optimistic that that will happen for me. Have a good day folks!!


  1. One has to make sure one is not unevenly yoked. To keep giving and getting half assed in return makes YOU the fool. And Queen You will be blessed with your King soon .........continue to be patient and keep building your spirit up. Peace. 777

  2. and becareful of what you ask for, because you just might get it.

    Men that give a lot also require a lot, sometimes this includes your freedoms. Freedom of speech, thought, body, mind, and especially sex.

    If a man is saying he is giving and wants no control in return, he is probably lying. You see a man with something to actually give didn't get it by being a fool for somebody.

    Women that give too much suffer the same delusions. They want something in return, usually some form of control as well.

    ( sailin freely admits the " look what I've done for you" act is over rated and bogus at best)

  3. if you watch what a person does, that will generally tell you everything you need to know about them.

    of course, thats only half the equation, once you know what you know, are you willing to act on it and sever ties or

    are you content to go with the way it is....for whatever reason?

  4. yup! But love is blind. People only see what they want to see.

    I know darn well if a person is doing so much, they either has a lot of time, a lot of money or both.

    Now how that's possible is the real issue that is ignored.

    I once told a nurse friend of mine she didn't really want to marry a doctor. She just wanted the good parts of the lifestyle. She married one anyway. Now she lives good, but has to put up with all the nurses that want a doctor too...
    Not to mention, he is never taking a day off if she gets sick. I told her but she didn't really see it. I said do you really think that someone that has put that much time in building a career is going to stop or even stand still for you?

  5. a persons profession says more than just how much they make, it also tells you who they are. And the possible perks that come with that occupation can't be denied.
    ( remembering a college professor that described his job as one with the perk of a fresh new crop of females every semester. When I got that horror look on my face, he said hell, somebody has got to do it, why not me?

  6. everyone loves and gives differently... the trick is to find someone who is on your same level. like naaz said, to be equally yoked

  7. You will definitely get what you deserve...I have no doubt about that at all!

    As for the folks that you mention in the hate to see someone making a fool of themselves if the love isn't being returned, but there ain't a doggone thing you can do about it! At the end of the day, we all have our crosses to bear, and there ain't nothing for us to do but pray for whomever it is that they see the error of their ways. to all the rest of that mess...well...I'm gonna let folks think what they think...feel what they feel...and say what they take is that there are 2 sides to every story...and when you are only presented with one side...well...that leaves you to make an assumption that may or may not be the correct one. When folks get sick and tired of being sick and tired...they make a change...and if they don't...well...they must like it like that...who are we try and tell them any different? Besides...the advice would only fall on deaf ears!

  8. lol...

    making a fool of yourself has nothing to do with love...
    giving has nothing to do with love...
    being equally yoked has nothing to do with love...

    all this stuff desribes totally disfunctional relationships dependant on getting needs meet.

  9. so tell me... what is being unequally yoked??? The only version i know of is on speaking on not being married to a a non believer....

  10. equally yoked losely refers to the men that go to church for the free ride...

    it actually referes to wealth and family status among hebrew men and women. black folks done remixed it to mean any kneegro that roll down the isle in a suit and got dreams of being a head decon.

  11. I tend to stay away from Religion and Politics but....

    What is the definition of equally yoked?

    I think to answer your question it would help to understand what an unequal yoke is. II Corinthians 6:14 tells us to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.
    In the Bible days when people would plow their fields they would use an equal yoke. Which simply meant they would use two oxen, or two cows, two mules, etc... It was an equal yoke so the animals would pull a straight line. If you put an ox and a mule together it would be crooked.
    Christians are not to yoke together with unbelievers. That doesn't mean that we are supposed to shut everyone out of our life that isn't a Christian, but it means that those closest to us should be of the same faith that we are.

    Also don't think that God is concerned about whether you marry a rich man/woman or what ever other social reason. God is not concerned about any of this and this is a misunderstanding about being unequally yoked. God is concerned about your faith first and foremost.

  12. According to, to yoke means to "join together." Stronger words used in the definition include to "bind" or "tie." In Genesis 2:24 (NIV), the first husband and wife are described as being united and becoming "one flesh."

  13. from a non religiuous standpoint... if ya man is down with BDSM and you aint... you aren't equally yoked! if ya girl is about saving moeny for the new home and you want to save money for a new Mercedes and a sofa... you ain't equally yoked....

    but i often wonder....

    if i'm a Muslim and he's a Jew... then what? we aren't equally yoked, but we are both Christians....

  14. umkay teal... I know all that... about the bible part. LOL but I wonder how do Christians define it besides the believer non-believer stand point.

  15. I'm dying laughing at this conversation going on in wow!

    At the end of the need to matched to someone that complements your life....where they are weak you are strong...where you are weak...they are strong...end of story!

    In my humble opinion...this shit has nothing to do with late hubby and I were polar opposites when it came to religion...he was a Muslim and I am a Buddhist....we respected each others belief...and learned a lot from each long as there is mutual respect...a solid give and take...a ton of communication about subjects both good and bad...and dreams and goals for the couple and their offspring that are heading in the same direction...that is all that matters!

    Everything else is crap!