Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Im Still Blessed....

Good Morning Fam. Long Time no See. Those of you who have been in my blogging circle for the last 3 years or so have never known me to be quiet. Despite it all, I always talk my way out of it. LOL Thanks all for your well wishes and concern, it was truly appreciated. Sometimes silence is golden. I remember a year ago this time, I was in school getting my paralegal certificate (8 classes in 16 weeks *whew),scraping by on $150/wk, depending on the kindness of strangers just to eat, MiniMe's principal allowed her to stay despite being woefully behind in her tuition and making rent was a MIRACLE. MiniMe didn't get her usual Easter garb (didnt even go to church cuz of allll the homework LOL) and she was satisfied with the colored hard boiled eggs, jelly beans and starbursts I scrapped my pennies together to get for her Easter basket and I realized how far I have come and although Ive yet to embark upon my new career I am still so very very very blessed. Ive come a looooonnnnnng way baby through God's Grace and Mercy! That being said, I don't like for someone to not appreciate the monetary struggles I have been through. I personally have to stop thinking that people will be as honest as I am, for I am honest to a dang fault. I for one would much rather be gravely disappointed by the HONEST TO GOODNESS TRUTH, than irreparably hurt and devastated by an unnecessary lie. I expected NOTHING but friendship, honesty, integrity and decency. Thats all. NOTHING ELSE. All else was a bonus. Despite my verbal blunders (which was brought on by nerves and sheer goofiness lol) my vulnerability DOES NOT equal stupid!! 

Enuff about that...

On vacation this week with MiniMe's spring break! YAY!! (i think lol) Still looking forward to my move, (to Columbus Oh for those of you who don't know) with or without help. Loving the warm weather but hating the violence brought on because of it... Makes me want to get the heck out of dodge just that much more!! SMH

You all have a WONNNNNNNNNNDERFUL week! I know I will be! Much Love to each of you realize you are blessed!!


  1. Best wishes and sending traveling prayers of mercy for the upcoming move. Be blessed!

  2. cute pic..good to hear things are going well

  3. Girl your testimony is awesome. God is our provider and thank you for reminding us of that. Have a safe journey.
    ((big hug))