Monday, January 14, 2013

The Cross was Harder!!

How's it going, Lisa? <<<< Facebook wants to know...

2013 is starting out to be a FANTASTICAL year! 

Ministry classes are speaking LIFE to me! 

Sleep disorders under control and being managed very well with meds!!

Suspension from school being lifted this semester and being allowed to register. 4 classes away from my Master's Degree!! 

I turn 40 this year and Im not mad Im not married nor have more babies!!! It is what it is. LOL If it's God Will that I remain single so that I may be able to do His work..
then single I shall be! I have to laugh at that though.. I took an online spiritual gifts tests.. and within my top 5 gifts were Abstinence. LOLOL I hear you God! LOL (The other 4 being writing, evangelizing, discernment and compassion)

I prayed to God to be able to pray because I have difficulty saying the words.. He told me to write out my prayers and my prayer journal is quickly filling up!! 

One of my first prayers in my prayer book was to gain a basic understanding of the Bible in KJV.. God granted that prayer!! To be able to exegetically break down scriptures without an easier version or commentary is the bomb!! Homiletics is where it is at!! 

My only *resolution* for this year is to not worry about the wrong thing... if it doesn't concern my walk with Christ.. *deuces*

By the world's standards I am doing horribly...
My finances are a complete and total WRECK!!
But money doesn't define who I am in Christ! 
But Ive got peace that surpasses all understanding!! 

Everytime I wonder how I am going to manage ministry class plus my school class...
Hoping I am not taking on too much too soon after being down with my sleep disorders.. 
Any obstacles that come before me.. 
All I can think of is...

The Cross was harder! 

I have joy joy joy joy unspeakable joy!!

2012 was my year to be RESTORED. 
2013 is my year  turn the last few years completely UPSIDE DOWN and walk in RESTORATION!! 

On FIRE for God!! 

It really is a heart thing! 


Down at the cross,
Where my savior died;
Down where for cleansing
from sin I cried,
There to my heart 
was the blood applied;


*skips off*

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