Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can Whites declare the end of racism???

...and I don't mean the natural reaction to voice "yeah,by stop being racists."  That is not the purpose of this blog.

My point is that many laws are due to expire. Why the expiration date?  Many laws are passed as needed as a form of social control---nah not control in the way you think, i mean, as society progresses to different social ideas and thoughts, laws are no longer needed and may be deemed archaic such as the adultery laws that are still on many state's books but are never enforced. I mean, when is the last time someone has been criminally convicted in the court of law for being unfaithful? The law came into existence many years ago due to the social times in which it was created and now, unfortunately, adultery is now more socially accepted.  Well, unless of course you are a politician, LOLOLOL, but I digress.

Now I always have to say preface myself by saying, yes, racism does still exists, but it is no where near as prevalent as it was in the 60s.  White lawmakers dare not stand tall and declare well, we have a black President now, so these laws are no longer necessary. We blacks won't say it because then it seems we will no longer have an excuse as to why we cannot collectively get ahead and may have to point the finger at ourselves as to why many of us are not progressing.

I usually do not comment much on politics because I have a general intolerance for anyone declaring mass conspiracies.  I am sorry, call me naive, but I do not believe that there is a group of rich powerful whites sitting in a room somewhere plotting black folks demise.  Yes incidents occur, with cops v. blacks, but the intolerance for such behavior is growing with punishment for these offending officers being swift and severe.

I guess I am one of the few that agree with Clarence Thomas' dissent in the Texas case about the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Once the political pundits started about how much of a Uncle Tom he is, I went to the Supreme Court's website and read it for myself.  To loosely summarize his 10 page dissent, he said that the mechanism that was used during the Civil Rights era to keep blacks from voting, such as testing, fees, etc... is no longer being used and no blacks have complained of such mechanisms being used as of late therefore making the Act no longer necessary.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.

It seems to me that whites face a certain political demise for suggesting that Civil Rights laws are no longer necessary.  So who is left to say so?  Remember, many laws have expiration dates on them with the intention being that by time the law expires, everybody will be on board with that line of thinking and behaving. Also keep in mind, that EVERYBODY in The United States OF America will never be on board. I personally believe, that enough of us Americans are on board. We do have a Black President and although we Blacks had a significant hand in President Obama being elected, he would not be there without Whites.

It is time for self-accountability.  We can be our own worst enemy. I am tired of living in a neighborhood that looks nice but at times can sound like Beirut. I am tired of seeing cops descending in my neighborhood like cockroaches cuz WE are acting like damn fools.  A white person did not walk into our neighborhood and hand us a gun to shoot.  He does not walk into our schools and tell us to drop out and not listen to the teachers.  Yes, to me, it is that simple, we have a choice people.  We have a choice not to buy guns and drugs. We have a choice to go to school and educate ourselves.  We have a choice to be economically more sound and not be so concerned about having a lable on the back of our behinds.  We have a choice to not perpetuate the ever many stereotypes that plague us.  We have a choice to not allow the rascism that existed in this country for centuries and may even exist now, to define if we are going to get ahead. Self accoutability is color blind.

I believe damn near all barriers have been broken down for us. We have a Black President now ya'll, we have got to do better.


  1. well, I can't speak for everyone, but here at the 'ol work place we have a white couple who adopted a African-American baby boy. When they moved here they met with nothing but open arms and open hearts. So maybe the "race" junk is dying before our eyes. PS, when I was apastor the was 45% black and 55% white, not bad for a little country church in central MS.

  2. I guess some whites may understand this [written above]...sorry I don't [although I admit I'm not from the U.S. and was raised in church with black people as friends, and can't understand many things that some say are divisions
    the colour of my skin does not prevent me from wanting black people [or others] as friends, and does not prevent me from understanding the human issues in their lives
    does my white skin stop black people from understanding and caring about me?
    [I have known a number who it doesn't]

    but, I know this, it's not whites, it's 'some' whites

    and it needs humans, [white, black, Asian, Euro-Asian etc], to not declare the end of racism, but to live it

  3. Got fooled by the name [so I didn't purposely mean to come here] but any who
    The answer is No, because racism is not a color, [and it never has been] it's a state of mind.

  4. one can only get fooled by a name if it has changed, like yours did Cyndee. What happened, everyone blocked your last id of "iculurking" so you changed it????

  5. one can only get fooled by a name if it has changed, like yours did Cyndee. What happened, everyone blocked your last id of "iculurking" so you changed it????

  6. one can only get fooled by a name if it has changed, like yours did Cyndee. What happened, everyone blocked your last id of "iculurking" so you changed it????

  7. Changing laws isn't going to stop racism. I honestly don't think racism will end until we're all so blended into each other as a species that no one will be able to pick on someone because of their colour because they'd essentially be picking on themselves.

    So racism will stop when every single person on the planet is grey skinned with black hair sporting eyes that are slightly slanted. We'll probably be all about 5'6", too.

    Once we all look exactly the same due to breeding within the races, we'll all find something else to bitch about because that's what humans do. Almost every single person is guilty of racism - every race is suspicious of another race and until everyone can look at another person and see no difference in that person in comparison to themselves, we won't get along.

    Because we're stupid.

    So no. Laws aren't going to change that anymore than it's stopped murder, theft, rape, etc.

  8. thats why I lubbbbbbbs me some Deb!!! LMAOOO

  9. racism isn't going anywhere...sorry to say but it's the truth...ppl are just racist...

    just like ppl are lazy and talk a game but won't play it...
    won't vote...won't give back...ppl are just set in their ways and don't care !!!

    today i was in the mall and asked this chinese lady where a certain store was @...she was so rude and looking @ me like, how dare i talk to her...i was just like...nevermind...i'll find it myself...
    my 11 yr. old was like...what's her problem mom ?
    i just shook my head and moved away from her dumb ass...ppl like that make me wanna slap them !

  10. Racism will be alive as long as there are ignant assholes of ALL races that teach their children ignant bullshit and that includes ALL races. Same thing goes with Class-ism, too..but that's another blog in itself.

  11. very nice blog. this is what i try to do, to get people talking. the problem is that i try to be funny...and it usually goes terribly i will be back to comment on this later. peace! Z