Friday, July 31, 2009

ok, I am watching the new show More to Love and ummmmmmmmm THEY AIN'T HELPING OUR PLIGHT!!! These big gurls are DEVASTATED that they were sent home! One of the gurls said she quit her job to be on the show in hopes of finding true love. Another never been on a date! *wow*


  1. but I would like to know where they got those dresses!!!!

  2. lol....i'm not gonna watch that show...

    *doesn't seem like it gonna represent for big girls*

  3. okay, I can understand folks wanting to be on tv, hey, DO YOU CAUSE IMMA DO ME.

    But I ain't quitting my damn job to go on a reality show IN SEARCH OF LOVE

    these fools really believe they will find love ON A TV REALITY SHOW?

  4. They have it twisted! There's what 20-30 people competing for 1 person? You have better odds elsewhere of 'finding love.' Hell, I say, just be love and let love find you.

  5. what person serious about finding love would put themselves in a position to have to JUMP THRU HOOPS WITH 20 OTHER RETARDS?