Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Daily Inspiration and a Must Read ~This Spoke to My Heart and Mind~

The Only way to have peace in a relationship is to know how to butter your own bread. --- Ra-Ha

If you are in a relationship that causes you imbalance and anguish, get out. If you are in a relationship that does not support you or lowers your energy, leave it alone. If you are in a relationship where you give more than you get, where what you give is not respected, where the security you seek is costing you peace of mind, you've got nothing else to lose--- so leave.We come together in relationships to grow, not to live in misery. Our relationships should be sustaining, energizing and growth-supporting. When they are not, our growth is stunted, our energy is depleted and our personality is distorted. A solid, loving, supportive relationship is like a shot of life. It is a source of inspiration, it provides a spark of motivation to encourage you onto the highest evolution of your selfhood. If you are in a relationship in which are happy sometimes, sad most of the time, struggling to figure out what to do, and how to make it last, you are out of place.

I know when to quit.

Iyanla Vanzant


I remember I used to have Iyanla's Acts of Faith book. (guess what happened to it? LMAO) I used to read it daily for it is a daily inspiration book. I remember I gave one to everyone I knew a copy for Christmas. Today as I went to drop the MiniMe of at my mother's house for the evening.. I discovered she had the copy I gave her in 1998! WOWWWW Still looks new too! So I flipped through to today's message and this is what it said.

I know we have all been in relationships in which at the end of the day, this is how you felt. Be it work, friends, spouse.... sometimes relationships takes more out of you than you are receiving in return. I know many, if not most of the relationships I have been in that by the end of the day, they sucked the life out of me. The last one I think almost killed me, figuratively and literally speaking.
It should never be draining to love someone or one should never stick things out for the wrong reasons. sometimes, what we may feel is the right reasons can actually be wrong because without knowing it, we may be damaging those reasons. (got that? lolol)

For example, when i stayed with Misterrr for all that time, trying to keep two parents under one roof, thinking that at the end of the day, that is what would be best for her and it wasnt. Being with him drained me to the point i felt like I was slowly dying on the inside.. hating to get out of bed, not wanting to be bothered with my daughter, crying all the time. I had never suffered so much from sheer loneliness and I was supposedly in a relationship! I was stifled... suffocated.

Reading this, reminded me of how much I have been freed from feeling bad about being ME!

Recently, I have been given a "SHOT OF LIFE". I have a pep in my step, a glimmer in my eye, and a glow on my face. I never thought someone would genuinely appreciate me for being ME. it has been a loooong time since I have felt this way... since I have felt internally alive because I tried to let that part of me die. and even if it is not to be... I appreciate having the hope that their maybe someone who accepts me for ME.


  1. da hell why can't anyone post a comment to this blog???

  2. Hi, this is a very good piece that needs to be shared. Thanks and peace be with you and yours

  3. Strange that it's working now.

  4. What i was trying to post last night is ........

    You know when you have prayed so hard for so long about something and you keep looking and listening for HIM ..........and then one day outta the blue.......BAM!!!......there it is and you know and can feel that he is speaking to you?

    Last night reading this was one of those moments for me.

    Thanks for posting this............and i'm happy that your so happy.

  5. This is EXCELLENT. I am a huge advocate of listening to your spirit.

    I was recently in a situation where I knew things would be toxic, and without hesitation despite my longing for being in a relationship I got out of it QUICK. My mind was saying "what's wrong with you why are you so quick to dismiss this man". But my spirit was saying "woman if you keep this man in your life he is going to turn your life upside down, inside out, and you will lose yourself!!!" I listened to my spirit. Every day I'm grateful I did so.

    I'm happy you have that pep in our step, and you are in a good happy place.

  6. I wish i have listened sooner. then too. if I hadn't, i wouldn't have the lessons that I needed.

  7. Life is one big lesson. Some of us have to go through certain things in life even the painful stuff to fully grow. So trust and believe next time you are about to get inot a situation or in a toxic situation you will get out quick. I know I do.