Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sooo What's New With Me???

Not a whole lot...

Well.. maybe more than that...

I am moving soon! HOOORAAAAAY

*jumps up and down for joy!!*

I am just tooo excited for words.. I have been in this too small 3 room apartment now for 5 years.






I don't think you understand. When I first moved in it seemed nice and cute for MiniMe and I's first apartment by ourselves. But somewhere down the road I, scratch that.. WE outgrew it tremendously!! For someone who complains about money woes.. I surely have accumualated alot of JUNK. Starting first with MiniMe's corner of the living room that is her play area...

Long time ago.. it looked like this....

And then it started looking like this..

Don't look at me in that tone.. See.. what had happened was.. I started going to school full time while working full time and somehow or 'nother it all got away from me. I am a particular cleaner.. and like thing just and so.. and as my available time got less and less the more I let stuff go. I am the type of person that if I don't have the time to clean it how I want it cleaned with all the bells and whistles that are peculiar to me.. I won't attempt to tackle it, then soon or later.. what you see above is the end result. Not to mention that I simply ran out of space, out of ideas to accommodate the foolishness, out of wherewithal to fix it and simply out of energy to even make an attempt. I would get overwhelmed just looking at it and then would simply disassociate myself from it and pretend as if it didnt exist!!

and being that my child is a natural born slob.. *big ole sigh* But thats alright.. Ive fixed her... she is left with only this...

What didn't make it got tossed. 6 bags worth of foolishness is sitting in the alley. I REFUSE to carry this mess to a new 3 bedroom apartment. REFUSE I SAY!! By time I am done packing and purging.. scratch that.. PURGING AND PACKING.. in that order thank you very much.. Im not going to have much left!! FOR REAL FOR REAL!!

In other news... I had the biggest AHA moment of my life... satan is the FATHER OF ALL LIES. his trick is to deceive you.. he can't MAKE you do anything but if you allow him you can be deceived and I am naturally a person who cannot stand and absolutely ABHORS being lied to! I was like UN UNHHHH the heck you say! I am a child of the Most High God! I am VICTORIOUS! I am MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!! You needsssss to get back under my feet where you belong! so TAKE THAT!!! and just like that.. IT'S GONE.







Fear, doubt, worry??

Yep.. thats GONE too!!

Cigarette smoking??


Sleepiness, lethargy and tiredness..


If I thought I was delivered before I am really DELIVERED now!

Boooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Somebody queue the shouting music!!



...now.. about that bedroom... smh


  1. good luck in the new place.

    i fully understand how junk piles up... especially with children. i have tossed out many a garbage bag full of toys.


  2. Change is good.

    I'm moving too in about a month. My situation is a little different than yours though. Six years ago I bought this 4 bedroom house when my children were teenagers.......well they're in college now. I have no need for all of this space so I've been trying to sell this monstrosity for almost a year. I accepted an offer last month and my close date is March 10th.....wish me luck.

    I'm gonna wait a couple of years and buy a condo I think.