Monday, May 18, 2009

Habib and 'nem Pt. 2: MADE IN AMERICA

Lately at work, I have been given a bit of a reprieve from the sales floor(YIPPEE) and working in the cash office.  This consists of breaking down and counting 16 registers from prior day sales.ok. no prob right?

This billion dollar company I work for....

The last of the Mahicans to still be PROFITING....

Has an ANCIENT computer system to transmit the money...

I mean, granted, it is a windows operating system but the cash office function is operating in MS DOS!!!! WTF????

Sooo, yesterday, I just KNEW i was going home by 3pm, no later than 3:30 on a glorious Sunday afternoon.  Well, at about 2:45, the system freezes.... *sighs*

So I had to call the help desk only to get someone whose first language is not English...

I tell her the issue is that after I input the breakdown of the money, and push f5 to print and the screen freezes...

Lemme stop and say, last time this happened, I call the help desk and dude fixed it right then and there, tapped into my system and POOF the situation was resoled...

Sooo, this chick only hears *not printing* and proceeds to ATTEMPT to fix the printing issue...

I said noooooooo, last time this happened, dude went in my system and fixed it.

She still only hears *printing issue*

Shit is printing off the printer every which a way!

I am still frozen...

She then realizes she can't fix it and *escalates* (there goes that word again) that problem to the team leader who will call me back at a time she cannot specify.. and I am like, I cannot leave until I am able to balance out and close the session.

That didn't change her answer. LOLOL

I hang up with her, call back and get another somebody whose first language isn't English. *rolls eyes*

He listens to the issue and this time tries to go into the system, has me logout, shut down and restart, re-log in and damn if his password didn't work. Now mind you, I can't understand him so after 10 tries of trying to get the password and it doesn't work, he then *escalates* the problem to a team leader.

Hang up and call again, got the first chick again, she can't fix the problem again BUT this time, tells me that I wil not be able to balance out and close my session, call back in the morning.

By all this time has passed, it is now 6:30!!!! I didn't get home until 8 (much to MiniMe's delight becasue she is at Grandma's house) and was too tiiiiiiiiide (mentally) to do anythin but create a facebook quiZ and go MY ARSE to bed!

To sum up a long story, how is a multi-million dollar company OUTSOURCE the help desk for the cash office computer system, in other words, you are outsourcing the control of your money system to folks who DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!!!!


  1. WOW



    I know you were fit to be tied.


  2. yikes... patience is a virtue... i AM NOT a virtuous woman!

  3. Holy cow that's ludicrous! 3 hours????

    Sack em allllll!!!