Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I feel like a gotdamn train wreck...

I was just able to verbalize this feeling in the comment section of another blog cuz I just couldn't put it into words. LMAOO

I finally let my eyebrows grow back from all of the chop jobs I have given myself via razor and wax... I am looking a little mannish at the moment...

Let go back and revisit that shall we? LMAOOOO


I am doing the curly hair thing this summer. Last year I couldn't get it to curl, this year I have plenty of curls except, i am looking a little moppish.

I think I am needing it to be cut, it some kind of style, that will work for straight hair or curly hair.  Definitely, no layers.

Last week I took a ery bad fall, I dunno what happened, but one minute I was walking, the next SECOND I was down for the count.  I couldn't even brace for impact. Just kinda sat there in a big ass heap.  Now, since then, my ankles and knees have taken a turn for the worse, they have always given me problems.  I know a few years ago, a doc told me I was starting to lose cartilage in my left knee and now I can feel the bone rubbing together.  yeah yeah yeah, i need to get to a doctor.

I think my dream of being a cop is slowly fading away.

Last semester, I lost my Versace prescription glasses and I am now down to my next to last pair of contacts. pffffffffft I think I have enough left on my flex card to at least get the ultra cheap yet ugly pair...

Although in hindsight, I don' think I like these... (but I am still pissed that i lost them)

OK, I think I have stalled long enough from working on this legal memorandum (can we say it is giving me the BLUES??).  I have laughed at myself now, I am good. LMAOO


  1. yeah....quit stalling and get to work

  2. Girl...

    I OVERSTAND about the eyebrow thing...thank GOD mines grow out so quickly...so I don't have to wait a long time to go and HANDLE THAT!!! I had to find a new "eyebrow genius" to handle this thicket because the lady I had been going to had lost her magic touch!!!

    And you know what that song says...

    "we fall down...then we get up"!!! Even if your knees don't agree!!!

  3. It's when we CAN"T laugh that we know we are in real trouble.

    You hang in there and don't let go of your dreams.

    You have a blessed day.

  4. All jokes aside...

    You want me to be pratically IMMOBILIZED...let me have NOT have my eyebrow game...ON POINT!!!

    Can we say..."OSCAR THE FRIGGIN' GROUCH"!!!

  5. ok, so where do you go??? I am in desperate need but I am scared shitless somebody is gonna fuck me up.

  6. thank you and laughter is the best medicine!

  7. my knees are jacked too, getting old sucks
    leave your hair alone, it looks fine without being cut

  8. did someone say knees? *waving* omg it's horrible! your hair does look cute...handle dem eyebrows tho!

  9. my cloudy left lensed glasses that i wore all year busted... so im officially blind.

    i cant afford new glasses.
    ... or to fix old ones.

  10. you know you had me fooled...i thought this was going to be one of those PMSing blogs...lol...but hey, we all have moments. i think you look good either way. dunno what you can do about your knee but it sounds awful. just focus on the good things girl and get it popping.

  11. I sowwy, LOLOL, sometimes, the direction of the blog changes as I am writing. I think it may have started out as a pity pms-ing blog, but when I was looking at old blogs looking for pictures and such, I had a really good laugh at myself and all was well with the wolrld. LMAO

  12. as such it should be....lol well glad it turned around your mood....laughing works like that.

  13. I know about bad knees...bursitis in the hip...weak ankles... can you say cortisone shots? my insurance paid for them and I feel MUCH better...

    and dont cut the hair... its LOVELY!