Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The MiniDramaQueen Chronicles...."I'm SMELLY"

Sooo, yesterday, I ran back and forth to the bookstore selling my college books back trying to gain capital and the MiniMe and I got home a little late and did not get her bath.  I had told her last night that she would get a bath in the morning.  Soo, this morning, we woke up late at 7am and bustled out the house in 20 minutes flat.

We are going along in our morning while on the bus and all of the sudden, MiniMe PROCLAIMS rather LOUDLY that she didn't get her bath last night and I told her she would be taking a bath this morning and now she is going to be all smelly!

Laaaaaaawwwwrd, chirren know how to embarass you! LMAO

Sooo, we get off the bus and she is really carrying on about this smelly business and how she is going to stink at school. LMAO  So I tell her that she had been washed up and I washed her *smelly* parts and she proceeds to tell me how her legs and arms are going to be smelly. LOLOL Then she asks WHAT ABOUT MY FEET MOMMY???? MY FEET ARE GONNA BE SMELLY!!!!  And I ask, do you plan on taking off your shoes and socks??? Whats your deal??? LMAO  She is crying and whining about it and I started singing ALLELUIA trying to drown her out and she starts proclaiming loudly, while walking down the street, how she is going to be smelly. LMAOOO  So I said, won't anybody know if you don't tell them and she says she is going to tell EVERYBODY she is smelly!!! LMAOOO

So we finally get to the front of the school and I said give me hug and kiss goodbye and she does so, goes inside the school door, turns around to me and says with a toss of her head... "I'M SMELLY" and spins around on her heels and goes inside as I stood at the door crying with laughter. LMAOOO

Never a dull moment in this camp. LOLOLOL


  1. Girl I love your daughter!!! ROFL

  2. OMG...too funny....i feel ya chile... a whore's bath (as my grandmother calls washing up) never does it for me either...hehehehe

    my son is like that too and will tell me if his lil ass itches, he needs to wash it.....i'm like COOL now you know the value of a clean ass.

  3. I'm soooo glad I have a son...whewww...the drama of parenting a girl child...!

  4. ...the other side...you have taught her WELL. A woman MUST wash!


  5. LOL she's a funny lil kid :D

  6. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH..........i LOVE mini me stories!!!!

  7. lol... well... thats par for the minime-course isnt it?