Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I don't like this new multiply! don't like it AT ALL!!!!!


  1. GET USED TO IT, QUEEN!!!!!!!! X(


    You'll get used to it, hon! ;)

  2. it's the WORST! i posted about it earlie'r but didn't check the proper box for everyone to see it....

  3. Boooo hissssssssss! LOL

    I actually like it. Give it a chance. Once you play around with a bit you might reconsider.

  4. I'm not too hype about it either. Maybe it will grow on me. Pffft.

  5. Just happen to be passing....

    You will adjust and become its biggest
    Just a whole a lot of unwrapping and rebundling behind new window dressing...

    You will do okay...
    And of course do not be afraid to try some things to see what happens.

    Be and do well.

  6. Well at this point we don't have any choice...other than getting used to it..or leaving...they obviously would prefer if we stay...but won't try to stop anyone from leaving...*shrugs shoulders*

  7. well i didn't like the old set up...this looks more organized and cleaner but don't know if it's better...i think it needs a complete overhaul period. the site is not the best, and the way it was before left a lot to be desired. i hope they change it again.

  8. *QQn' up @ E'ERRRRBODY an' their comments above* Y'all don't APPRECIATE *@$^!!!!! X(

    *mutterin' under breath* UnGRATEFUL KNEEGROWS! >:P

    (JUST KIDDIN' WIT' Y'ALL!!!! :P LOL!!!!!)

    For REAL, though, I like this BETTER than the OLD setup. It's much more ORGANIZED! :D

    Y'ALL learn to LOVE it! ;)

  9. I liked both..I like the old way and I like this way. I really like this because they broke it down in catergories and I like that! A whole Lot better than before!!

  10. I've had two weeks to get used to it and while at first it was confusing, now I just freaken LOVE it.

  11. I can work with it....

    its gon be AAALLLLLLLrrrriiiiiiggggght

  12. May I just say...
    And forgive me for my harshness...


  13. All I wanted from Multipy was more organization...which I got...

    Now...the issues I have with the "new" Multiply are the same damn issues I had with the "old" Multiply...

  14. Okay Im no web designer nor do I pretend to be 1 but I dont see a difference.

    Jus that YALL jus scurred of change & lazy to toy with the inbox jus to get

    the hang of it. I got my 7.0 tuesday & learned to adapt in 15 mins.