Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tomfoolery, Shenanigans and Rabblerousing at it's finest: A Ma Barker Story *wipes tears*

Soooo, Mister and MIniMe have arrived safely in Ga.  Of course, he could not get down there without some form of foolishness.  I am going to do my best to tell this story without falling out from laughter...

Mister told me that on the drive to Chicago, Ma Barker complained about his driving and telling him that he was driving too fast.  Now, I will say, Mister can subject one to a terror ride in a minute, especially if he is sleepy, so he will speed to keep his adrenaline going.  He said Lisa I swear, I went 75 the whole way, most times the speed limit was 70-75. OK.

Sooo, on the way back, she got to complaining again.  She was holding on for dear life and pushing on imaginary brakes. LMAO Sooo, Mister stops for gas and Ma Barker goes inside to use the bathroom.  So he finishes getting his gas and proceeds to wait for his mother.  Next thing he knows, 15 minutes goes by.  So he goes in and knocks on the door, she peeks her head through and says she has to wash her hands, she will be out in a minute. He goes back to the car and waits.  Next thing he knows a police car arrives and the officer goes inside.  He paid it no mind until a few minutes later the officer comes out with his mother. *wipes tears*  The officer escorts Ma Barker to his truck and tells Mister to come talk to him behind the truck. 8hehehehe*

So, lets recap for  a minute, Ma Barker went to the bathroom, called the police on her cell phone and told them she was frightened of her son's driving and to come and tell her son that he is driving too fast!!! LMAOOOOOOOO

So the officer says to Mister: Your mother is sick isn't she? *SCREAMS WITH LAUGHTER*

Mister was like yes, yes she is. the officer says ok, we are gonna pretend I gave you a stern talking to and you have a nice day. *wipes tears*

Mister says that as he was leaving, a fire truck and the ambulance turned into the gas station!!!  He said he never been more embarrassed in all of his life. LMAOO I asked him how was Taylor during the trip and he was like she was fine.  She didn't worry him with a million questions about if they were in Georgia or not.

See, I know what REALLY happened after that incident. LMAOO MIster said that afterwards, he took her cell phone from her and since it was on his plan, he promptly called Verizon and had her service cut off. lmao He then told her that she was gonna have to go, he didn't care where she went, she was going into a high rise or something or whatever it is he could find. He then told her that when they got home, she better not try not to take care of Minime. Dont give her a bath, dont get her ready for bed, she wasn't gonna be watching her tomorrow, he will take care of his own child thank you very much. Now, I know good and damn well he said all of those things cuz that was always his threat against her and it was always done during a SCREAM JOB.

I know good and damn well he gave her the SCREAM JOB of a lifetime. LMAO and I know he prolly scared MiniMe shitless in the process which is why she didn't badger him with 20 questions. lmaooo

I also know that Ma Barker ain't going ANYWHERE!!! LMAOOO

And umm, I am not gonna tell ya'll that when they got home, Mister ran MiniMe's bath water and told her to come down and take her bath. MiniMe came down the stairs and asked....

"Daddy, I have to take TWO baths?"


  1. If my mother had done that, I would have made her walk home.

    *giggles @ this story*

    Imma just stay down here ON THE FLO for a lil while


    - At

  3. ROFLMBAO!!!! GIRL!!!

    I am HOLLERIN' in my office on this one....LOVE IT!!!

    I gotta read this again....hehehehe!

  4. See...that's why you make old people sit their asses in the backseat, and you make them wear a diaper so they don't have to get out to pee!

    I think I would have done the same thing he did...taken her phone and screamed on her about calling the cops!

    Wtf was she thinking? What if they had arrested was her stupid ass gonna get home?!

  5. now that was a good laugh... especially the baby having to take 2 baths....

  6. Now, to her defense (kinda lmaooo) I asked Mister if she had had a bowel movement. Now see, she has cirrhosis of the liver and if she doesn't have a bowel movement for a couple of days, her ammonia level goes up and she starts to tripping and gets dementiated. He said he had forgotten about that (that was usually me who kept track of her BMs and took her to the hospital if she got to trippin) and said he was going to find that out IMMEDIATELY.

    See what happens, he would get soo angry at her shenanigans that he would react, fully forgetting that her ammonia levels could have shot up.

    However, that is not ALWAYS the case. LMAOOO Sometimes she trips just to be tripping! LMAOO

  7. LMAOOO!!!! It is funny, cuz usually when MiniMe is in the car, she gets in the backseat and rides with her or she gets back there when his driving gets too egregious. LMAO

  8. Wow, that was a good story! thanks for the laughs...I needed that!

  9. naw, the baby didn't have to take two baths, lmaoo, Ma Barker took care of that. LMAOO

  10. I needed it too, I have been laughing since last night. LMAO

  11. Bless Ma Baker's heart. *wipes tears from face*

  12. oh my.... (recovering from the laughter) my belly hurts!
    I needed this laugh today!

  13. LMAO!

    Hilarious read.....

    we lack that here!

  14. Awl hell naw...

    She called the cops?

    She would have been on the Greyhound!

    *evil grin*


  15. *hi fives Ma and falls out*

    I drive like a granny... tell her I will pick her up next time. :)

  16. That was hilarious...ROFLMAO...!!! know I work with the elderly so I know all about tomfoolary and shenanigans...poor minime having to take 2 baths...LOL...!!!!