Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Resume building

I just attended a mandatory university/paralegal department sponsored job preparation and resume building seminar and uhhhhhhhhh THEY SCARED THE BEJESUS OUTTA ME!!!

Two different presentations, one cancelled out what the other said. There are so many ways to build a resume, how are you to know which kind to have? Some say no objective, others say objective is mandatory.

I just found out today that some of the people who did paralegal internships got jobs at that particular firm, now I am feeling i have missed out. Now they are saying that we need to be interning for that dreaded experience and I absolutely cannot do that, I can't work ANYWHERE for free. I am TERRIFIED, my confidence has been WELL SHAKEN. This is a city of knowing somebody, who knows somebody just to get your kid in a good school, I can only imagine what it is going to be like to find a job!!!!!

ok, i am getting besides myself....


  1. just breathe and concentrate on what to do next, fuck what alrady happened or should have. too late now. put in resumes everywhere, something should stick

  2. I've heard a gazillion different resume tips... but i think what really matters is to make yourself strong. Hubby paid to have a resume done professionally only to get feedback that the companies he was interviewing with tell him they didn't like that layout and to go with something more traditional.

    good luck I'm sure you will work it all out

  3. oh and instead of a formal internship, will a firm allow you to volunteer a few hours a week?

  4. The most important thing in your resume is that the information is true and correct and the mechanics are in order, such as capital letters, correct spelling, etc. And of course, you include all the good stuff about you.

    Everything else when it comes to resumes is completely subjective. Be careful of the experts. When they say anything mandatory, that's really not true. The world of resumes is changing a great deal, and quickly.

    It used to be said you absolutely, positively have to keep it to one most employers want to see more than that.

    It used to be that you HAD to mail it, then you HAD to personally deliver it, and it HAD to be printed on fancy paper. Now its all about emailing it.

    My biggest tip for emailing your resume..don't name the file "My Resume.doc" because its too easy to confuse or get lost in the computer shuffle. Call it Resume {your name} so they can find it in their computer files easily.

    Just keep it in prayer, do your best, and let God do the rest. Don't pray and worry. Just pray.

  5. submit the resumes.... pray and trust God. It'll all work out as it is supposed to.

  6. When it comes to resumes...YOU DO YOU!!! Stick with traditional and make sure your narrative information is ON POINT!!!

    When it comes to getting a job...look up temp agencies that specialize in placing legal personnel...go that route since you can't best friend (and yes..he lives in Chicago) has been a law clerk for years...he narrowed his specialty down to patent/intellectual property law (which is something you might want to think about...THAT'S WHERE THE MONEY IS)..and his agency JUST placed him in a job making almost $80k a year...

    Remember...employment/temp agencies that specializes in legal personnel...I will forward you his agency as soon as I get the info...

  7. stole the words right out of my mouth because that is my plan; to go through temp agencies until i get placed and my goal is to land in IP. I swear, you must be reading my mind!!!! LMAOO