Friday, December 12, 2008

easy come....

another one bites the dust....

that will be the last time i get excited about somebody. i dont understand game. i dont have the mental faculties or capacity to understand it. dont present yourself as one way and turn out to be another and then when I say something about it, tell me that i assumed or misunderstood.


no more. i am done. thats bout all i can handle.

I gave it a shot only because I wasnt looking for it and it was unexpected.

i am gonna keep rejoicing my singlehood.

Shit like this, makes   me feel worthless and unlovable. 

i know rejection is a normal part of life but how much is too much?  is there such a thing as too much??

No more hope, cuz it always leads to disappointment.

And I am gonna stick with what I know.


  1. You live and learn sweetie. You live and learn.

  2. awww girl don't you dare feel worthless because this shit has nothing to do with YOUR worth at all. if he appreciated you then he would realize your worth but that was not his intentions it seems.

    talk about expectations...i can't tell you what to expect realistically but given a situation, only expect what you KNOW for sure you can expect otherwise just don't look for it.

    now do you feel rejected because he didn't meet your expectations or did he actually reject you?

  3. both. rejection cuz this is how it ALWAYS goes. and i am tiiired of it as all.

    they say when you keep getting the same results with people then you need to look at yourself.

    Laaaawd knows I have looked inwardly, and adjusted and changed accordingly.

    but damn. nothing seems to work. no amount of self reflection and positive thinking seems to work for me.

    no matter how low i set the expectations, they still manage to disappoint. i only go by what they say. that is all. nothing else.

    there is a 'fool and desperate' stamp on my head, that i cant seem to get off.

  4. Listen, I may get some heat on this, but the quantity of quality men is NOT what it used to be. There are a lot of knuckleheads out there. Don't lower your expectations. In fact, maybe you need to raise your expectations.

    I loved the book "He's Just Not That Into You". Its not expensive and its an easy read. If you get a chance, it may help you see a few things.

    What I learned is that when a man is REALLY in love, when he's REALLY into you, there is no game. When they play for keeps they let go of all that nonsense. And really, when you've got mini-queen to think about, that's the only way you should have it.

    I have FINALLY found a man who is doing just that. He never played any games. He laid it on the line, and there is no game, no doubt about where we want to go. That's how it should be, in my humble opinion.

    Its crazy how true it is, it happens when you least expect it. In some ways this is the worst time for me, teaching full-time, going to school full-time...but its been the best time.

    Hang in there. God works it out in his time. I just pray you are encouraged and I'm here if you need to talk, because heaven knows I've been there.

  5. Girl I'm feeling you here. Just broke up with mine two days ago. It was a short lived relationship...4 months. I know what you mean about looking inward and changing your outlook and making self adjustments. It doesn't work for me either. I keep on winding up here...right back where I started. *sigh* So we'll be single together for a while, huh? Our guy is out there for us. We just not looking in the right places, I think. Anyway, HugZ girl.

  6. its morning...

    daylight made it better.

    its not me, its all THEM. LMAO

  7. Open up, and open up again and again -- and again.

    Don't let life close your heart, it can thrive in the darkness of your fortress.

    Open up again and and again and again...



  8. i aint got much more left Eddie. Really I don't.

  9. You feel that way today, sweetie. But you have so much more. Don't let them win, don't allow them to make you live shuttered inside your heart.

    Much love,


  10. We're not here to be alone...

    It only takes one...

    It is the hardest thing you will ever do...

    But you're brave...hell, you've stared death in the face and told it to piss off...

    Be sad now...but not too long...and get on you...and explore every opportunity that comes your way (using intellect more than emotion)...

  11. I am tryingry Sis. I am trying....

    Takes me a couple of days sometimes, but I am able to think my way out of it.

    It was for the greater good.