Monday, December 15, 2008


is anybody else having problems with Mozilla???

I lost my bookmark tabs and cant click a button without it going to non responding mode.

Can anybody help me on this???


  1. Girl, I had that problem a few months ago - I'm praying I won't have the problem when I get home!

    In the meantime I'm sitting in Johns first b-ball practice of the season jus me and the blackberry! Lol

  2. A lot of people have had problems with the new upgrade for Mozilla...that's why I ain't gettin it lol.
    Google some info, there is a fix to get your bookmarks back, unfortunately I don't know where or how.
    I hope you work it out.

  3. i think i have a virus. my IE browser page got redirected.

  4. When you say Mozilla I'm going to assume you mean Firefox. To fix your bookmark issue, ditch the built in bookmarks and use Delicious. As for the slowdowns, did any of your add-ons recently get an update? Sometimes that causes issues. As for the slowdowns here are a few links that might help;

  5. I say get rid of Mozilla and use Google Chrome. It uses the same platform. And why am I typing in white?? Ole bootleg background...

    **Throwing shoe**

  6. *ducks like GWB*


    you will never hit me! LMAO

  7. Currently, I have no problems with Mozilla except for the shutdowns/freezes when I have too many windows up at once...

    I recommend deleting it out of your system, then cleaning your computer, then downloading it once again...

    Make sure you update ANY add-ons you download, and PLEASE stay away from Google Chrome ESPECIALLY if you have Windows Vista on your computer...