Friday, October 24, 2008

In MiniQueen Doings....

Don't cha just loooooooove this coat??? To hell with poofy coats! Give me a nice pea coat that is classy and doesn't reek ghettttttttttttttttto! I hate them coats!  She thought she was cute too! LMAOOO  Well, I did too! I am sooo in love with her coat, I wish I could find me one! $24.99 at TJ MAXX!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get two ponytails in her hair so that they are EVEN???  I mean that shit is HARD! She is at the age where she doesn't want a lot of ponytail, she only wants two or three and her hair is long enough now to sustain such a style.   I still can't do that style the night before, but I can at least do it the mornings I take her to school.

This year, I decided not waste my money on long sleeve uniform shirts for her.  I dont feel like arguing with her every morning and listening to her pronounce rather loudly about how long sleeves aren't her favorite.  Last year, she chewed the buttons off so she could roll up her sleeves.  LMAOO I was PISSED!  So now, I will just send her with a sweater that she can take on and off at her disposal.

I can't put sweatsuits on her either without a whole lot of hullaballo. She says her arms get sweaty! LMAOO

So her class went to the Apple Orchard this past Tuesday and I will be
damned that when I picked her up, she had taken her school gym sweatshirt off, she had on the gym tshirt underneath.  She went the whole day at the farm, on a cold ass day to boot, with just a tshirt and her jacket on! I was like WTF??? Why did you do that??? Why didn't you put it back on before you left on the field trip???

She has neck issues too!  No scarves or jackets zipped or button all the way up! Nothing tied under the neck! She SWEARS she can't breathe! LMAOO  I can get her in a turtle neck by telling her how cute she is in it, anything else, is a wrap!

And as much as it drives me crazy and as much as I wish she had been spared this brand of nuttiness, I have to indulge her cuz I KNOW what it is like first hand.  She comes from a family of obsessive compulsive, OCD NUTS, shit we are ALL nuts and nothing is worse is to have no one to not understand what is untolerable for you.

Last weekend, she was on punishment for not listening in class. She got her
last "1" on her weekly progress report.  That meant no tv all weekend. LAWD!  you woulda thought I done killed the child. but i had to drive that listening thing home. I AM DONE!   She ended up spending half of Saturday in the bed.  Every time she didn't listen, she got sent to bed. We went outside, I told her not to scream anymore, she looked at me defiantely and screamed loudly again like what am I going to do about it! We were outside for all of 5 minutes. LMAOOO Came upstairs and went to bed.

Sunday, we went to mass, she is sitting with her school friends and my child is up there girating her behind to music!   I couldn't believe it! So I had to tap the person in front of me to tap 3 rows in front of me so I could give her *the look*. She hurried up and sat her little tail down!  We got out of church ohhhh, and I let her have it!!! I fussed at her for about 4 hours about her and her listening and blah, blah, blah, even came up with a song about it....

Taylor, taylor she don't listen,
she gone get that booty glistened!


THAT didn't go over to well either. Mommy you are teasing me!! God don't like it when you tease! To which I said God don't like disobedient little girls.

So on that Monday, I made her go apologize to her teacher (we practiced the day before what she was to say) and her teachers replies, so did you get any money from the tooth fairy?? And I am like whaaaaaa????   So I asked what did she tell you and the teacher was like she told me about her tooth and I say Taylorrrrrrrrrrr!!!  So she finally whispers to her teacher her apology and that was that.  When i picked her up, I asked about her behavior and she said she was much, much MUCH BETTER!!!

We have worn this listening subject out!!!

oH we been having it out lately!!!

The thing about Missy ma'am is that she is SMART! And I will be damn her academic grades suffer cuz she didn't listen to the instructions the first time!

The first day of school, she had to be moved from her table for talking too much!!!

So one week, I had cleaned the living room, kitchen and bathroom and as I am cleaning I am throwing everything that didn't belong into the bedroom.  I had yet to make it to the bedroom you see.  The Messy Marvin is steady dropping her shit around the house! Pissing me off!!! So I was like, unh, unh, THATS IT! You gotta start helping me keep it clean in here! You know what that lil heffa said to me with an inflection in her voice and a twilrl of her neck????

But I don't have to help you keep the bedroom clean  right Mommy???, cuz it's really, really REALLY messy in there???

Ooooh, I wanted to knock her little ass out!

I asked her what she said and then she said it with extra emphasis and an extra hard twirl of her neck! Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you bets save that SHIT for your friends, cuz it's gonna get you knocked out in these parts!

I think she is gonna need braces. A tooth is coming in and damn if it ain't crooked! She has another one loose, in a minute, she is gonna look like she been chewing on rocks!!

*passes collection plate*

Why did she just stick a pencil in her apple to hold it up?


  1. I know it ain't funny, but I'm CTFU over here!

  2. *SMDH & LMAO* (I ain't gon laugh too hard, because I KNOW my day is coming...)

  3. Whew, can i jus' tell you that i am soooo damn glad you changed your background!


    that damn girl drove me crazee... lol

  4. this background is about to drive me crazy! i am trying to make sure everybody can see!

  5. You know it is coming, cuz Imma help you come up with a chant Figi won't like! LMAO

  6. BTW, the coat is LOVELY! and the song: to cute... i made up a song for John based on what i shared privately and it's a hit - let's just say the message has come across loud and clear!

  7. When I made up that song, I sure was thinking about you! as soon as that little rascal forgets to listen I break out into song! LMAOO Took me forever to figure out something that rhymes with listen! LMAO

  8. lol.. it took me a week to come up with something...

  9. My kids do the same damn thing about turtle necks... Anything touching their necks is choking them (said dramatically, of course) My son says EVERYTHING makes him sweaty so I always have to layer him... cause he taking something off guaranteed. Dont even get me started on socks.. Or how tights "squeeze" my daughters legs.



  10. CTFU...that's all Imma say...C.T.F.U!

  11. Miss thang's a trip. I do love that coat though.

  12. This must be going around because my cousin and my friend are having the same issues with their little women. Loved the lil song though *giggles*