Monday, October 27, 2008

Lemme tell ya about a *REAL* dumb mofo!!!!!

A brilliant person one day got frustrated with how slow the computer was running...

got sick and tired...

of being sick and tired....

of pages sticking and freezing..,

of having to wait for a near death eternity for the computer to unglue itself...

So this seemingly bright AND intelligent person decides to uninstall some shit....

Yanno, free the puter up of its internal constipation....

So imagine their surprise when they see something for a Canon or sumffin or nother....

Thinking that is was the installation package to the first digi cam they bought and returned...

Until that faithful day came in which they needed to print some shit...

and couldn't....

and has taken all of 5 days to figure out how to  redownload the drivers...

reinstall the hardware....

how to upload the file onto the wizard....

cuz, ya know, it couldn't configurate that one for itself....

unplugging and replugging cords...

for an 8 year old printer....

5 days!!!!

trynna configurate how to configurate...

and who do you suppose did SUCH a brilliant thing???


  1. LOL gee... I wonder!!!

    As a fellow "comp stuffer upper", I sympathise.

  2. I'm impressed. Cause i NEVER would have figured that shit out! I would have just picked up my phone and called "The Man" after about 5 minutes. LOL

  3. well thank ya, but just so ya'll know..

    I officially have a HEADACHE!

    This shit has worried my nerves for 5 damn days!

  4. lol... girl in my book you got MAD SKILLS!

  5. shitttttttt, can I put this on a resume? I am jsut

  6. shitttttttt, can I put this on a resume? I am just askin...

  7. Heck i'm still trying to figure out what the heck you are talking about. lmbo.

    So i'm with teal on this go girl because i would have gotten mad and threw it out the window.

  8. i can barely tell ya what i was talking bout, cuz i had to learn.,,,


  9. I think I would of said FRICK IT and bought a cheapy printer at Wal-mart. However, one time I bought a Canon flatbed scanner from someone and they didn't have the CD that came with it. So I went to and got all the info I needed. I also googled the kind of scanner I had and all types of helpful info came up. In less than an hour, I was good to go. Why in world did you take you 5 days??

    Well, all that matters now is that you are printing. At least I hope you
    Adorable pic by the way! **pinching cheeks and tweeking the nose**

  10. Ummm all U are allowed to do is turn it on and off, type and use the mouse nothing more than that LOL

  11. I don't know!!! When I was first given the printer, I just remember plugging it in and wizard guiding me through the rest!!! but when I tried that, it didnt work!

  12. Cheer up,
    I know this brilliant person that has a fabulous printer that she got right before she bought her house this summer, so when she tried to re-set it up at her new house, she could not get it to print. . . so for the past (counting on fingers) 5 months, she has not had a printer. . . even though she has 4 ink cartridges that are going to probably dry up and die.

  13. I knew I could count on Krystin! LMAOO My favoritists dingbatty twin friend of all time! LMAOO

  14. Girl don't feel bad...I SWEAR that is something I would do!!

  15. I would have went down to the nearest Kinko's and said to heck with that printer. I have one right now just collecting dust because i lost the disc to put the program back on my puter...and yes shan i looked it up and and found the driver lol. (i know she might be back to tell me to do that *giggles*)

    Still don't have enough memory to DL it so it's a waste.