Monday, January 12, 2009

Global Warming eh????

We are expecting another 2-5 inches. We have already gotten about 8 inches over the weekend. Now, typically, I couldn't give 2 rat's asses about some snow. BUT, My daughters *WONDERRRRRRRFUL* Catholic school, well ALL Catholic schools here in Chicago are INFAMOUS for closing for bad weather. Chicago Public Schools NEVER close. NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR lmao

Why you ask??? Well, the public school's teachers and staff are REQUIRED to live in the city which makes traveling to work in a city that hustles and bustles with the plowing at the wee hours of the morning, meaning, they are able to get to work.

Catholic schools on the other hand, those teachers can live anywhere they damn well please, so if a blizzard hits (as is expected tonight) the wonderful cushy little suburbs they are living in do not respond to the bad weather quickly enough for them to make it to work so they call off! Which means the schools closes.

I am out of paid time off.

Let us all bow our heads in prayer...


  1. *touching & agreeing w/Queen*

    I work in a suburban school district and honey they NEVER close either. Our teachers are not required to live in that city either. Our superintendent is like CPS has to be ten feet of snow pouring in your door in order for schools to close.

    But I feel ya pain, dear. I am always amazed watching the a.m. news and 99% of schools closed are the Catholic ones.

  2. I pray nothing like a blizzard comes your way! I think schools should close when the weather is a bit too much..!

  3. lets pray that I can get her out by next year!!!! magnet school here I come!!!!


    I remember growing up here, walking 8 blocks to school in snow up to our KNEES!!!! Shittttt, if I can do it then, THEY can do it NOW. LMAOO

  5. I went to Catholic school as a kid and I prayed for snow all winter. And you know what? Prayer works! Lol. I remember 1 winter here in NY we had 3 weeks off after a big blizzard.

  6. 3 weeks off and Imma be standing in somebody's food line. lmao

  7. Snow days aren't what they are cracked up to be b/c they simply add in the missed time at the end of the year. Kids will be pissed sitting in a HOT classroom in July...

  8. typically. but her last day is scheduled for june 5th i think? sooo, the principal will do what he did last year and have classes on a holiday to make up the time.

    and the kicker? they MIGHT be off Inauguration day! PFFFFFFFFFT!

  9. Wow!! That's just wrong. The kids should be in school watching a living history lesson...

    We are gonna view it on the big screen projector at work...


  11. I've never seen snow, so... schools don't close for that here.

    They used to close when the temps reached 40C (over 100F for you guys) but now that there's airconditioners in most schools, I don't think that happens anymore.

    If it's always Catholic schools that close during especially snowy weather, does this mean that god thinks school education is a waste of time?

  12. I wish we would get some snow!!!!

  13. i work in CPS schools but they have testing and won't close this week. NO WAY IN HELL. However I am supposed to work tommorrow on the south side at a center and I'm like ...more shoveling. more snow? shitnitz! I am calling in to see if I can CALL OF coming in. I know it's gonna be treacherous.

    Be safe lady.