Sunday, January 11, 2009

She Conned Me Again... All of you with boys say YAY!!!

Every time I say I am not gonna braid her hair again, the MIniME begs and begs and after I do it, I swearssssss I ain't gonna braid it anymoressssssss. She takes me to hell and back!!!


  1. by the way, having a boy doesn't necessarily mean a mom exempt from hair duty, I've found out the hard way. My son likes his hair long, but he's got these curls that are high maintenance. Hair lotion, deep conditioning, brutal hair combing sessions have me tempted to go back to the fade he had when he was 3.

  2. I have three daughters. I feel your pain...

    Hard liquor, anyone?

  3. awww
    at least you can braid
    my girls both had a phase where they wanted tons of braids
    i dont be doin all that, best i can do is like "pigtails"
    the baby has a good 2feet of hair, she is getting ONE or MAYBE 2 ponytails. but she has to cry because she wants hundreds of em with beads like the kids at school. im lookin at her head RIGHT now about to do it. ugh