Friday, January 30, 2009

Curious QOTD: Whats in a handshake???

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One thing I can't stand is to shake somebody's hand and get a weak handshake in return! Whats with that? To me, IMHO, it shows weakness in that person and most people who have giving me that hold their hand out limply handshake I always look at them sideways and I am always right about them. Typically, they are sneaky, shady, underhanded AND passive while they do their bullshit.  Gimme somebody to work with who has a STROOONG  handshake and although they may too be full of shit, they AT LEAST have some character and integrity about themselves and at the VERY LEAST, the appearance of such! Don't just lose your self respect in a shitty handshake!
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Whats your stance on handshakes? Is it a sign of someone's personality, ethics and integrity??

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  1. I don't like weak ones, but I never put that much thought into why they were weak.

  2. When I was in high school, I shook the hand of the head football coach. He was a coaching legend and had won a bazillion games. Apparently, I gave him a weak handshake. Hell, I didn't know how to do a firm one because nobody showed me. He said, "Son, when you shake a hand, you GRIP it and make it firm." From that day forward, that's how I shake hands.

    To me, a weak handshake, especially from a man, shows a weak personality.

  3. i don't know... sometimes you shake someone's hand and you can tell they are concentrating on being firm. makes me think they have something to hide.

  4. What's in a handshake? Besides a bunch of opportunistic germs and viruses that can kill you?

    A weak, sweaty one tells me that you need to seek counseling...

    A strong one tells me that you're self-aware and relatively confident...

  5. ewwwwwwww sweaty! *shudders at the thought* makes me wanna go wash my hands QUICK!

  6. Although I really prefer NOT to shake hands due to the unknowing of where other people's hands have been, I think that if someone gives you a firm handshake, they are confident for the most part (AND PHYSICALLY strong), and if they give you a weak handshake, that could either be a sign that either that they're shy, kind of afraid, or probably don't trust you.

    You said that you're a supervisor, right? I take it that you must have been interviewing someone recently.

  7. I've been told I shake hands like a man... I dunno... I've never really thought about they could mean until I read this.