Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The official end of the holiday season is.....

The only thing worse than Christmas season in retail is the inventory that takes place immediately following.

Scanning starts at 5am!



  1. God Bless the TJ MAXX employees that place all the red stickers on all of my Christmas crap that I buy in January... and kisses to the ones who just marked down a bunch of beautiful fall stuff that I got for 1 and 2 dollars. Love it.

  2. I worked at Target for two grueling weeks during the holiday season last year.....including Black Friday.

    Never again.


    I refuse to even leave my house on Black Friday if I can help prices be damned.
    I'll pay full price as long as I don't have to deal with all those crazy assed people ever again.

    I salute you for sticking it out. Over worked. Under paid. Under appreciated.

  3. BTW...I quit that job not because of Black Friday, but because I got to where I could hardly walk my feet hurt so bad. I would literally wanna crawl to my car at night. On my days off....I didn't walk at all unless it was to get up and go to the bathroom. My fiance brought me food and drink and I sat with my feet up lol

  4. I do not miss that. I feel for you.

  5. Can't say i know what you mean, but hey i can imagine. Getting new things in and shipping old seasonal stuff out. I don't envy you. (((huggies)))

  6. ugh,that does not sound fun at all

  7. I never understood the crazy hours of inventory. My mother has to work Thursday from 1 pm to 10 pm. Inventory would drive me nuts. I think I would just make up numbers. LOL

  8. For the first time in the 3 years I have been at this store we finished ON TIME!

  9. When I worked at Target, it was when the still did the early bird specials and the registers would literally convert back to the regular price at 11am. Talk about MADNESS!

  10. I go through this on occasion with my feet. I have a pretty bad case of plantar fascitis in my right foot.

    Hopefully, God willing, this will be my last year in retail.

  11. Inventory time for us is 5am to 2pm. 2 years ago, we were still scanning at 7pm. I said fuck it and went home. Or rather, my Godparents called me at work and said I had worked long enough, to come home and tend to my child! LMBO

    Last year we didn't finish until 4:30. So it has progressively gotten better.

    The store I am in is the absolute PITS! Downtown, lunch hour customers are no joke!

  12. reminds me of my part-time gig at K&G a couple of years ago - I think I even blogged about it on 360.

    I really only wanted the discount but next thing I know I went from 15-20 hours a week to about 36 hours a week.

    and one crazyass supervisor who had issues at home with her mom saw her role to attempt to dominate over all the employees on her shift.

    that crazy bitch would roll out those racks of clothes for you to put out and nex ttime you work with her, that crazy bitch would have you take the shit off and put it back on the rack to be rolled back to the warehouse.

    and did I mention she was...SKERD OF WHITE FOLKS? LOL

    craziness...I need to blog about my K&G advventures cause the shit was hilarious to me.