Saturday, January 17, 2009

DMX Adopts Pink Prison Wardrobe - Hip-Hop Media Training
I remember reading about this in one of my criminal justice classes. The color pink is apparently makes the inmates more calmer and that Arizona warden in particular has been successful for reducing violence in his prison.

Ya can't exactly be acting all MANNISH with PINK drawers on now huh? LMAOO


  1. i dont think they get drawls in prison... they take away ya shoe laces... why they heck would they let you have elasticized waistbanded underoos? THEY GET TO BE FREEBALLIN in prison!

    ~ur a mess anyways for sharing this shit! lol

    if i was a man in prison... id only wear a pink jumpsuit if my only other alternative was nakedness!

  2. Sssshhheeeeiiiittt....if they think PINK draws is calming inmates down, I got an oilwell in my backyard I'd like to sell em too