Sunday, January 4, 2009

i cant get rid of the clutter.... SQUALOR here I come!!!!

The dresser situation has gotten worse. the disease of the left dresser has now spread to the right.  The bedroom isn't all bad. just dont have much room left for the clothes.

This dirty nasty fan, I feel like nigga trash. Yuck!!!! Can I hose that shit down? Too much fucking pollution. AND i CAN'T keep the windows sills clean due to the leaky ass window. pffffffffffffffft
I don't know what to say about this. This is MY corner. I have 4 bags of trash out of this corner alone.  all the school papers are gone and lookit!!! And the damn vanity still sits in the box!

small, small, small.  kitchen to the left. bedroom to the right. thats it!!!

The couch is just a done deal. No matter how much I clean it, something ALWAYS remains on the couch.

Well, at least the kitchen is clean. Oh, and the side of the sink you see there?? RUST. not dirt.


  1. I have cleaned allllllllllllllll day. *sighssssssssss*

  2. lol - gurrrrrrrl you got mad courage! i have decided that cleaning is a chore that will last a life time...


  4. lol - i think you need to just chill, and enjoy Taylor before it's back to the daily routine... the clutter ain't goin no where, unless you just straight toss shit!

    don't make me put my room of shame in this joint, it's guaranteed to make you feel MUCH better...

    also, consider getting some of those huge ass tubs, they help to hide the shit you aren't ready to toss...

  5. I GOT SOME. WITH FOLDED CLOTHES SITTING ON TOP OF THEM. LMAO THE ONE IN MY Corner is full of papers and pictures. the clothes and just miscellaneous bullshit. that is whats killing me.

    my poor baby, i been cleaning all day.

  6. Now THIS is clutter! lol all confined to one damn room... i keep hoping that the shit will disappear but everytime i open the door it reappears! lol

    and get this, it looks better than it did a month ago...

    by March the room will be an office/chill out room...

    now make sure this damn thing self destructs!


  7. all clothes, in all great shape... mostly summer shit, and some fall winter shit...

  8. if ya real lucky, you might be able to spot Rumor in one of the pics! lol

  9. there are days i just want to throw all this shit back in the boxes... but fa real that's just a quick fix... i swear if i could get neicy nash (Clean House) to come to the east coast, i'd send submission emails everyday until they put me on that show... hell, i'd fuck up the rest of the house for a chance to be on the show...

  10. GURRRRRRRRRRRL, I WOULD LOVE FOR them to figure out how to work with 500 square feet! They can come and invent me some space! lmao

  11. girl, you need to write Nate on the Oprah show, i swear he can do wonders with a small space... i've seen his ass do it... girrrrrrl, write him and Oprah a heart felt, i'm loosing my damn mind email, ya ass could get an apartment makeover...

  12. i'm sitting here,swear fo god,with an arm full of trash and can't find my trash bags. arghhhhhhhhh

  13. imma show u true friendship, imma take the phone and take pics of my house RIGHT NOW

  14. i have been like overwhlemed with shit before
    and lived in a tiny place
    this is what i did- hefty bag therapy
    i took all out of season clothes and put them in huge rubbermaid tubs and set them in the bottom of a closet
    current season clothes? all we need(not want, NEED) is an outfit a day and a spare. the rest? box up so all you have active at a time is a weeks worth of clothes. say 7 outfits each. all my shoes are in plastic shoeboxes that i stack either at the top or bottom of the cloet. the only ones in play, so to speak, are the ones i weaer to work. and i try to keep that down to 2 separate pairs.
    only ONE set of sheets per bed and a spare. the spare is folded and stored in the pillowcase., you can put that in a huge ziploc and put it under the bed.
    2 towels per person is all i have.
    1 bottle of lotion, 1 bar of soap etc and one spare of everything so u dont have to run out and get new.
    trash everything else for your sanity.
    i threw out everything i owned once
    my brother and his gf just tossed about 15 bags of old toys etc
    if u can, rotate the toys. keep them in plastic shoeboxes labeled by what they are. and allow one shoe box out at a time, store the others under a bed, labeled with masking tape and marker

  15. oh, my VAN is full of stuff because my children had a TON of clothes at my brothers house. i had JUST cleaned the van, so now it looks like the top of my baby's bed. ARGHGGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHG

  16. i want to weep. i have to go get the stuff out the van. but i refuse to come home to this FILTH tomorrow. clutter is one thing, but now i have to sweep and mop the hall. so my nerves are shot. which means im2 going to be on a rampage tonight. i cant gett to work if i have to navigatge this stuff.
    imma throw it all out. all. LOL for real.

  17. Boo baby BYE!.

    Trying stuffing a one bedroom apt in 525 sq ft space. Its unreal. I have declutterd, declutterd, AND DAMN DECLUTTERED... and it still looks like OH MY DAMN.

    You know what? I said FECK IT! Yes, FECK IT!
    I can deal with organized clutter. I have several bags waiting to go to a charity but the one I want it to go to doesn't pick up in my area. WTF?? IS IT CAUSE I'M BLACK?? I actually live in a nice subdivision that that's cheap and lame of them. SOOO, I'm going to have to call the other charity to pick this ish up cause I can't get all of it in the Hyundai.

    Try to help folks and they trip about the area I'm in. Pfffft. Feck dem too!

    I have made good progress since I first moved here; even sold some stuff...however, I still have a ways to go. I keep threatening Rascal too, cause he's getting on my nerves too.

    So, my advice to you is...STOP DRIVING YOURSELF CRAZY ..and work with what you got. Look through your stuff, and if you haven''t work it in a long time or mini-me hasn't work it in a long time...GET RID OF IT.

    There is hope, Lisa Boo!

    Now, where's my cupcake?

  18. me too. really i do. and I am soooooooooo tempted to just throw some shit out. thats how i cleaned at work when I was a receiving supervisor by taking the trash can and everything away that was in my sight. The managers and associates learned real quick to not let bullshit hit receiving.

    But something about my house, as much as I throw away, it never seems to be enough. 10 bags of trash in 2 days. *sighs*

  19. lol
    i had a 4 bedroom 3 bath house with a detached garage and am stuffing the stuff into a 3 bedroom 1 bath no garage
    so it has taken a lot of pruning, then the constant getting rid of old clothes, books etc as they are outgrown or worn out

    well, i just bagged up an entire bag of toys i felt that could go, some hangers from the closet. a bag of books and stuff from the 5 year olds room, im gonna get a shoe thing to hang her shoes on the back of her closet door, i dont want her to reach them or they disappear.
    i put 3 dolls in the top of the closet and all the crayons and markers in a thing on top of the closet. she can get those when she asks. so all she has now are 5 dolls (ONLY 5?) and the teddy bears on the shelf. if she takes them down, then the shelf goes down and the bears can be stored and rotated so she can play with ONE as needed

    the 13 year old has most of her stuff pruned, imma make her pout the books she already read on the shelves and not in drawers in her room.

    i was ok, but christmas and my ex returning means all of a sudden we got a TON of crap. then my brother and mother cleaned house and gave me new stuff and returned my old stuff. *sigh*

  20. bless you my den and kitchen together are prolly larger than that. i know it has to be very stressful trying to maintain the shit you need to up there- school stuff, kid stuff, seasonal clothing, cookare AND not be living like WOOOOOOOOO

    i have NO idea if this will help, but the japanese live in tiny places. i wonder if there are any sites with like storage ideas for tiny tiny family dwellings

  21. i'll tel l you one thing that helps me a lot. to reduce the VISUAL clutter.
    take the shit out of one of your functional drawers. put all your small toiletries and things in those little tiny baskets u can get at dollar stores. put them in a drawer inside of the baskets. that way when you need something you only have to take one basket out and the rest doesnt get jumbly. i keep socks, underwear, lipstic etc inside of baskets inside my drawers
    and if u can get like a piece of fabric to cover your tv stand and hide the stuff, it may reduce the appearance f clutter. sometimes just seeing so much stuff and not a blank surface can make u feel squirrely. its sensory overload.
    and this, may work. i have a rolling clothing rack, they have ones with covers too. if you can take the clothes that are folded and put them on hangers with the thing covered. it may just LOOK wont take more floor space than the tubs currently do.if u put like 2 or 3 against a wall, it may not look too bad? these are just things i had to do for my own sanity.

  22. that is a great idea, the cloth over the tv stand cuz i look at that thing and i am like whoaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! and now i have bought 3 more v-tech accessories that have to go in that damn tv stand!


    and a rolling cloth thingy. imma have to see about that and the cost comparison to more tubs!!!!

    those damn dressers have GOT TO GO. i am only keeping the one on the left so i can put shit on top of them!

    and everything sitting on a window sill is about to be trashed!


    I can't take it. believe it or not, I like clean, crisp lines and surfaces. no shit and clutter sitting every where and between everything!!

    Like my friend told me once, i have shit sitting on top of everything flat! I was PISSSSSSSSED!!!!! lololol and i have no DRAWERS to put shit in! thats whats getting on my nerves the most! BUT....


    Somebody save me from myself!

  23. And when it is REALLY bad, all i can do is walk in, pretend it isn't here and go to bed. Seriously. Many a day I have come in, spent 30 minutes on the computer and carry my ass to bed cuz I couldn't hang!

  24. And when it is REALLY bad, all i can do is walk in, pretend it isn't here and go to bed. Seriously. Many a day I have come in, spent 30 minutes on the computer and carry my ass to bed cuz I couldn't hang!

  25. i keep my room clean because i cant take it if i cant escape the mess
    my rolling cart thing was like, $10 but it has no cover. if u get a good rolling cart thing u can hang more clothes than u can stuff in a tub PLUS, u can put stuff down at the bottom. like shoe boxes and stuff. stack a few.
    OH, i was looking at my dresser. u may be able to get a piece of wood and nail it under the dresser slide thing and keep the drawers from falling out. im gonna try it with mine like a wood block on the side just to add a little drawers are intact

    if u come across some money, try what i did. a thrift store. i got my daugter, years ago, a solid wood tall chest of drawers for like $70. it was ugly and i had to paint it, but it was SOLID and did the job

    the term for shit on everything is Surface Abuse,. LOL I heard that on HGTV. I cannot stand shit on surfaces. I dont have anything on my kitchen counters or fridge. i just cant stand the shit. i have ONE vase on my chest of drawers, and 2 plants and 2 trays for perfume on my dresser. my goal is zen simplicity. when ican i will get a desk with a shelf area that CLOSES and i want to get those barrister (i think thats the term) bookshelves that have DOORS so I dont have to see the books

  26. lmaoo @ surface abuse.

    Zennnnnnnnn simplicity. ahhhhhhhh, i like it.

  27. ok, so im ghetto. i see your drawers fell apart. BUT, if you can go to a hardware store where they sell wood and bu a slat of wood and place them on top of the drawer supports you can make the dresser like a bookcase. then inside on the shelves, put stuff in plastic baskets.

    now, go get u a laundry hanger thing. well, the garment rack. i got a plastic one from walmart for $10. i use it so that when I do laundry I can immediately hang it. u can use it now just so the clothes out and about in the living space can be hung up out of the way
    and all the tiny little clutter u have? again. a $15 cheap sauder bookshelf and about 3 $1 plastic baskets for each shelf. put all the small irritating crap in a basket and put it on the shelves, in effect ur making yourself one of those toy shelf bin thingies like we both have. it will make it a lot easier on your mind to have all the small stuff compartmentalized PLUS, its cheap. and IF you can swing it, cover the front with a piece of fabric, you can get iron on or glue backed velcro strips to hold it in place,

  28. for that broken dresser, if u can find a store with $1 plastic shoeboxes, fill those with the small things that are on the dresser, then stack the boxes inside the dresser.

  29. u have to get that shit out of your way, when u cant function without moving shit or stepping over it or knocking it over it WORKS THE NERVES. i truly feel your pain. my ideal is a house with a wall of cubbies that have a sliding door. so when u look at it all u see ia wall, then when u open the door there are little compartments for all the stuff!!

  30. now I am pissed i threw most of the broken drawer pieces away.


    and those were dressers from the thrift store. i paid 40 bucks for both of them. LMBO

  31. BUT, i think i may have a couple of pieces left to do sumffin with.

  32. shit, take that last drawer out and just stack all the folded clothes inside of the dresser.LOL

  33. i have 40 pairs of shoes, 12 blazers and 15 purses. i have a few purses i have never used and shoes i havent worn in 8 years. but i LIKE THEM. i think i will try to toss 2 pairs of shoes, then put the purses in an underbed box and put it there.

  34. now, here is the final thing. Find a folding screen. shove all the shit in that corner and put the screen in front of it, and ignore. i mean, u may not be able to afford it now. but if ur gonna be there a while, it would give u a lot of peace of mind to be able to sometimes just NOT SEE THE STUFF when its not in use.
    i have a large functional dresser on the curb :( and a baby dresser and a chifforobe and a desk here. i WISH i could send it to you!!!

  35. heyyyyyyyyy, thats an idea. lmaoo right now my undies are in that last drawer, lmaoooooooo

    I am dying over here! LMAO

    i didi finally utilize under the bed space. i put all of the extra bags, suitcases, etc under there.

  36. and a bakers rack. and a lot of empty baskets. lol
    AH. ok. LOL Nina always has ideas. then im going to bed. they have these metal shelves that ppl use in their garages. ugly, but strong. and u can spray paint them, put one in the corner against a wall. fold the clothes and put on their. and u can also use baskets. basically you need to be able to utilize VERTICAL space. put your draws in a plastic basket and put it in the dresser

    then work really really really hard at school etc so u can move,lol
    my main areas are my bathroom and laundry room. they are so tiny i cant function in there. i cant even get in the laundry room. so it gets messy FAST. and my bathroom? with 3 females there is so much hair stuff and makeup etc. *sigh*

  37. but seriously, if u can find a way to use more vertical space u can free up floor space and u can confine the clutter to one area, so that will leave u some areas that just LOOK empty so u have a place to rest your eyes without it jumping from one thing to another constantly. when there is shit EVERYWHERE, u go batty.ok, I do. LOL gnite. hope some of this helped, maybe gave u some ideas.