Friday, November 7, 2008

sooo, today's my birthday...

I typically dont make a big hullabaloo over my birthday.

I have had a birthday party once when I was 5 and that is it.  When I lived in Minnesota, my friends and I would go live it up for my birthday, those were great times.

Since I have moved to Chicago, the birthday situation, and yes it is indeed a situation, has gotten more uncomfortable than anything.  there is usually some shared birthday combo dinner with my grandfather, mother and stepfather. a dinner filled with being uncomfortable and forced conversation.

my mother is really out done with grandfather telling me I couldn't use his computer to finish my paper cuz it may become a habit....

Apparently, no one else can can make me feel like shit but her! LMAOOO

So she spared me this year of the dinner! *whew*

Every birthday, I say, next year will be better. I am gonna have a blast, gonna have loads of friends to celebrate with and every year, guaranteed, here i sit. LMAOO

One day, it will happen. I wont be stuck in this house, and I will be patient.

I think I need to stop equating my success to how many people I know and socialize with.

This year will be the last year in which I won't be degreed, and for that, I am extremely happy about.

I finally quit smoking, and I am happy for that as well.

It would be nice if I could get me some, but alas, his license is suspended. pfffffffffft

All in all, it is not too bad. I usually spend the day in tears, crying and bawling my eyes out and this year I am alright. Feeling pretty good actually.

Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes, you all almost made me feel popular! LMBOOOOO


  1. You Be Rockin On Your Birthday! I Mean It Girlie Girl...You So Rock!

  2. happy birthday girlie.. have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

  3. So what you still doing in the crib? Get thee to the cheesecake factory and relish in those HUGE portion sizes......lmaoooo

  4. *big ol hug and a kiss on da five head*

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    Things may not be the way you WANT them to be, but think on how much better they are then they USE to be. I can understand your feelings about dealing family. But you know what? Your are blessed in spite of how you look at things currently; you gotta remember that.

    **hugs** Enjoy your cheescake factory! Bring me back a piece of cheesecake (any kind...i don't care) and some of their spinach. I LOVE THEIR SPINACH! lol

  6. Girl..get ur baby and go to dinner on ur own. I find it much more fun to spend my b-day with my kids anyways. As we get older, b-days aren't wut they use to be anyways. Thank God for given u one more and make the best of it urself.

  7. Well Happy Birthday again Queen and much love on this day and all the days that come after.

  8. most def...

    dont get me wrong, i am not feeling down or woe-is-me-ish...

    just moreso a relection of the past and how i am not as bothered about stuff as i was last year.

    i thought about going to dinner tonight, me and the baby, but uhhh, it got cold on a sis to be on the bus and I decided to order in. LMAO

    BUT i am going tomorrow, with a friend or two, so that shall be good, i am gonna eat and get drunk, especially since, i am not driving! lmaoooooo

  9. Good...throw back some for me!!! Or should I say..I'll throw back some for you!

  10. Aw, happy birthday sis!! I should have known you are a am I. :-)




  12. yessssss, and thank you!

    *smooches back and tries to slip in some tongue*

  13. Shut up! how can one be called "Queen" and NOT be popular... jeeeeez

  14. I'm coming in late, to wish you a happy birthday. I'm sorry I missed it :(

  15. ok... I missed the birthday... but heck... do like I do... I celebrate the whole month... that way I am guaranteed to have a good time... no matter what!

    Enjoy your month girl!

  16. girl please
    im in the dumps because its the holiday season and i have exactly um
    ZERO friends to celebrate with
    *sigh* just to once laugh and play and smile with OTHER adults, and not just sit at home with the kids and animals
    this year will be even worse than LAST as 2 of my acquaintances are out of town

  17. ok...I tried posting from my crackberry the day of, and now I see it didn't go thru! *grrr* what I was trying to say...was - just enjoy it for waht it is. Enjoy every moment, and may this be your MOST BLESSED (and fruitful) yet!

  18. Girl, all I can do is sit with you and sigh. I am AMAZED that in the past year I have made NO NEW FRIENDS! NONE.
    Part of it is the demographic of this town. But when its my bday or the kids or my mom has a party and says "you can invite one friend" and I say "I dont have a friend", its kinda sucky.
    Self esteem and being self reliant and sht is all good, but humans are inherently social animals and like any other social animal we NEED human contact. Its not healthy to do without it for too long.
    So dont feel bad if you do feel bad. Its natual to want someone to share the good times, you know?
    I'd go up there if U know, Iwasnt broke and in need of childcare and didnt despise cold weather.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way.