Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I just.... can't heppp myself

Every year I wonder how Imma out do the last year's Christmas.  Last year it was the damn princess castle. Spend 100 bucks on that just for it to come in my store this year for $39.99...

so as I am perusing the internet and I come upon the disney princess kitchen....

and I already have this on layaway at work. it came in for 49.99.

the funny thing about this is that if you look at the first picture, she already has a vanity, that thing with the star on it.  but i saw this and was like i gotta get this!!! She loves everything Ariel!!!!

but, i aint gonna mention, she already has a kitchen too! *hangs head*  see, the ocd moment in me is that everything has got to match!!!



  1. and when i think about bang for my dollar, my child may never speak to me again cuz she will be all into that kitchen, vanity and princess castle. shittttttttttttttt

    silence is golden. lmaooo

  2. well next year Disney will have the whole Condo, and the year after that the Vacation home - maybe a car with a garage...


  3. on another note, if ya see any Bakugan Brawler shit, throw that in law-a-way too!

    i got you...

    now he talkin about a damn idog! WTH? next year it'll be a REAL dog... but i will say this: boys are cheaper than girls... girls require accessories!

  4. i will make it a point to write it down and look for it. we have 20% off coming up on the december 7th. and typically, we are on average 10-30 bucks cheaper than regular toy stores, sometimes even Walmart.

  5. if you see anything that's Bakugan, i will fedex a money order! lemme know...

    Thank YOU!

  6. Yeah, get it all -it's time for a remodel .... :-)

    I wanna lil' girl...

  7. Ya'll kids lucky they don't have me as a parent. You want me to buy you somethin on MY birthday?! You betta take yo young behind out and get a jobby job!

  8. I can't say nothing...

    I had Barbie's Townhome...her cruise ship...her crusier caravan...her Mama drew the line at the Barbie Dream Home though...

    She was like...

    "Your ass is almost 13...HELL NAW"!!!

  9. Heck i want that vanity myself. I don't see a problem with it Queen if I had a daughter she wouldn't be able to get in her room for all the toys.

  10. *howwwwwwwwwwling*

    and I think that is the kind of kid I am going to have. She is going to be into this princess business for a good minute!

  11. the problem with this is, we living in a one bedroom apartment, all her shit is in my living room. pfffffft