Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Supreme Court to hear FCC appeal over dirty words

While we are all focused in on the election, the Supreme Court is slated to hear about the censorship of television, specifically, non cable stations.

whaddya think? should non cable television remain censored since cable tv is relatively uncensored. keep in mind, cable is in 9 out of 10 households.


  1. Ok but by them censoring the expletives does this mean all of them or just the aforementioned "four-letter" expletives? I mean this would include the A-word, D-word, B-word and any others that the Parents think is too racy for children. And still shouldn't what some children watch be censored in the first place due to the types of issues that go on in most programs. When does censorship overstep the boundaries.

  2. i dunno, but i have heard that arguments may be to allow the f-word and the like to be aired on regular tv.

  3. Well then what's the use for pay channels and cable if it's going to be aired on prime time regular channels? I mean what is enough and what is too much? Can these people (most of whom i know must be parents, grandparents etc) want children to be exposed to such language because not all the time are parents going to be home to put a lock on the tv. I remember a while back when the D word was a curse word and they weren't allowing that now they say the A, D, and B word and i have often heard some slip up and say the S word. (sigh) Might as well start back cursing my doggone self...NOT!!

  4. my rant.... I was watching Miss Congeniality II on cable yesterday. cute movie, and i figured if there was anything bad in it they would beep it out. it was going well until they ran commercials for bad girls.

    every commercial there was the B word rearing it's evil head. so i had to change the channel. time of day.. it was around 6:00.