Thursday, November 20, 2008

Commentary: Why would parents give up hope for their kids? -
Could you? would you?? for those who have followed me know that i most certainly can understand it. read the article before commenting.


  1. Damn that is some crazy shit!!!!

  2. yeah, i do. i have a 15 year old autistic kid. if shit didnt get better i was gonna DIE, literally drop from exhaustion
    i fought the state and hospitals and insurance companies for 5 months, 30 phone calls a day. multiple hospitalizations

    people with kids with emotional and behavioral issues, no family support, few friends, little money
    whyat do you do? and you LOVE your kid, so you dont want to kill the damned child. dont want the kid to end up in jail or killed in the streets. but you cant live with the child or keep him or her safe.
    YOU cant get services, but the state provides them for kids in foster care. so to get your child help, you may have to terminate custody. a woman here with a handicapped kid had to give up custody of her child, it was the only way to get the healthcare he needed

    i did not have to give up custody of my child,but i also didnt work and was able to devote my life to medical care and phone calls. if i'd had a job i'd have lost it. and i have 2 other kids, you cant put them on the streets. cant sacrifice all to save one, especially since it may not work.

  3. worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd nina! you have a little piece of a job and the state will turn their back on you.

  4. i make too much for medicaid or food stamps
    too little to pay dental copays
    i SERIOUSLY considered quitting my job to get medicaid, get everything done and going back to work after 6 weeks.

  5. Much as I would LOVE to hand my spawn over to someone else (this is only when they're fighting) it's not something I could ever do.

    My guess is these people are living on the bones of their ass and they're hoping that doing this might give their child a better chance at life than the one they've already got.

    Or they're assholes...