Monday, November 10, 2008

From one extreme to another....

Now, as many of you may know I have been smoke free now for almost 7 weeks. or is it 6?

Anywayssss, I had the most pleasurable of pleasures of being relentlessly plugged up do to giving up smokes and coffee at the same time...

Fortunately, that situation for the most part worked itself out. I never made it to regular, but I wasn't plugged up either...

Now the cup runneth over....

You see, back before I started smoking 10 years ago, I had severe stomach acid.  They never could diagnose me with either acid reflux or ulcers because of the range of symptoms I had.

Most food caused me the worse acidic belches one could ever imagine...

The belches smelled worse than the gas....

Most times, I couldn't keep food IN my stomach....

What I could keep IN would liquefy and within an hour or two, it came out the other way...

The sound of my stomach was very loud, especially after I had eaten...

There was a nonstop pain and burning sensation in my stomach that was just absolutely unimaginable....

I couldn't drink alcohol and lost about 40-50 pounds.

See, what had happened was, I used to be very external in dealing with stress.  Once I realized that snapping on people wasn't always the best thing to do, I started to internalize EVERYTHING.

And then suddenly...


it went away...

Now, it is back with a vengeance. 

I am now realizing that smoking is how I dealt with stress and now that I am not smoking, the stomach is taking a hit.

A very bad one at that.

I have been having this acidic belching now for about two weeks.  The more I had them, the more scared I became because I knew what was coming....

Well, on Saturday, we went to the Cheesecake factory (still deciding if I am gonna blog about that *rolls eyes*) and was up all that night until the morning.  The pain, my God, I forgot how bad it could be.  I was on the verge of asking The Queen's Mother and debating the odds if she would actually take me to emergency room....

And it has been on and popping ever since....

I didn't eat anything on Sunday and I just ate an hour ago and have already visited Mr. Porcelain. 

Pills, Mylanta, pepto, none of that shit works... That is what baffled to docs the most.

The only thing that works is to abstain from food and most liquids....


Anybody got any plugs???


  1. girl, go smoke a cigarette... jus' kidding. I dunno - sounds like you need to get to the root of the problem which is the STRESS, and release that shit...

    BTW, check ya messages

  2. Only suggestion i have is getting this checked out because this shouldn't be happening.

  3. You need to try the BRAT/white diet that you get in the hospital when they're waiting for your bowel function to normalize... (bananas/rice/applesauce/toast) ... lay off the heavy proteins, anything too rich, greasy or acidic...

    and please consult a physician. Acid reflux becomes dangerous when left unchecked, as does diarrhea.

  4. definitely get this checked. It sounds like severe reflux or gastro insestinal reflux disease (GERD)
    Your doctor can run tests and let you know, and get you treatment that works for it. Sounds like it's too severe for the OTC meds to work.


  6. Do I have to come up there and drag you to the doctor by your hair?

  7. wow.. I would agree.. go see a doc... but im not sure how to help in this area..

  8. There are other things to consider, too.

    My dad was misdiagnosed with Crohn's Disease (inflammation of the small intestine and stress related) for seven years and he had some symptoms just like yours.

    I'm not saying you've got that, but it's worth checking out.

  9. Sorry...I just couldn't resist...but seriously...your body is adjusting to no nicotine and no caffeine. Nicotine is out of your system in 7 days, the rest is psychosomatic. BUT I do believe that your body has to further adjust. PLUS you still have stress between work, school, Mister, and being a single Momma. Maybe hit the counseling center at school, pray, meditate, exercise, etc. Something to help release the stress instead of holding it in. Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?

  10. dont be calling me crazy. lmaooo

    but seriously, i know it is not the nicotine, i know i gotta figure out a different way to process stress cuz the last attempt with meds, prescriptions as well, didn't work.

  11. I quit smoking for two years and after two weeks I started getting chest pains, which pissed me off because the whole point of not smoking was so that that shit DIDN'T happen.

    My doctor told me to do a fair bit of walking and the pain eased.

    Never had the shits or the stoppers, though

  12. i know right? cuz, i am wondering, if all this extra shit (no pun intended lmao) is worth it

  13. I know!!!

    I wondered the same thing!