Saturday, November 15, 2008

I already know the answer to this BUT....

so, graduation is approaching me and people are putting the grad school buzz in my ear.

dayum, can i get through the paralegal certification in the spring???

I mean, at least half of a dozen are telling me to push straight forward with it, get it over with, cuz me being me, i aint gonna be satisfied with just a bachelors.

sooooo, a friend of mine was telling me about the University of Cincinnati graduate program in criminology and the beauty of this is is that it is fully online. so, no matter where i go i can still study...

but i am wondering how much of a break i should give myself.

and me being me, i like to get shit done in a hurry, lmaoooo

i fast tracked my bachlors.

about to fast track the paralegal program by doing what is typically a 1-2 year program down to 18 weeks. lmaoooo

now, this school offers the masters in criminology in a year.  16 classes in 4 terms in one year. *whew*

but, they do offer it in 2 years, but if imma do it, i wanna be finished RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

i must be a glutton for punishment. lmaooo

So what is the question???? I am not quite sure!!! LMAOO


  1. What ever you do know you are in my prayers and just way out what your options are and go with that. I know you will make the best choice possible for yourself. Again congratulations.

  2. all the hard work you are doing/planning will pay off for you and the little one in spades later. What I'm loving is the belief that you CAN, in spite of everything. I wish I'd had that when I was younger.

    Get all the education you can while you can... you won't regret it.

  3. not a glutton for punishment, simply a woman on a mission!

  4. Talk to the advisors before you make any decisions. I'm in a fast-track master's program too, but its because I have experience in the field. That's generally who those fast-track programs are for, those who know the field but need the paper. Make sure you qualify for a faster program before you get too excited about it, otherwise it might be biting off more than you can chew.

    I'm really happy for you. You are doing your thang.

  5. do what feels right for you and minime

  6. here is what i would ask them... can you start off like you are going to take two years for the first sememster then switch? that way you get a little bit of a break where you aren't killing yourself, but you never stop pushing forward

  7. You know I'll back whatever decision you make. Just make sure you do what's best for you both.

  8. First:


    Now, breave! LOL

    the decision to go directly into grad school is obviously a personal one. for me, it was a matter of knowing how much of a procrastinator I am, so it made perfect sense for me to go directly to grad school.

    Much luck and just know I am proud of you.


  9. I agree with speaking with your advisor first about what to expect. Then, if you are comfortable with the requirements, and feel like you can handle it, I say go for it! I am very proud of you. The minor inconveniences inbetween will be well worth the better life for you and mini-me. *hugs*

  10. And now Imma tell you this. We are pretty much alike. I was going to put off school, as you know, til Summer 2009. Needless to say, I start 1/5/09!!! I had originally applied for the Spring 2009 semester and asked if I could start sooner. A semester off was plenty for me. Also, I want to be done quickly but I am going to take the 2 year route. Full-time undergrad and working was just too much for the family.

    You know how hard it was, too. I tell you what. When you request that info, an admissions advisor will contact you ASAP. I can give you the contact name for the guy I dealt with. He was AWESOME! His name is Ysaac Bello. I will e-mail his other info in a PM. You can ask him about starting with the 2 year and changing to one.

    And trust, I ain't stopping at the Master's either! This single momma is going PhD!