Thursday, February 5, 2009

In MiniQueen doings....

The other day the teacher assistant pulled me aside and told me about my smart mouthed, albeit funny, child.  Apparently, the girls were lined up to go to the bathroom and another little girl was leaning against the wall. So the TA said if she wanted to sit she could sit in the classroom but do not lean on the wall.  Well my smart ass little girl quips...

"Well, she will be able to sit when she uses the toilet!"

LMAOOOO Now although one has to stifle laughter when she makes these little quips,I still have to put that little rascal in her place! LMAOO Mind your business kid! The TA was like, yanno, I had to tell her I wasn't talking to her, but it was funny!!!

A creature of habit....

Last month or so, my mom came over to get her ready for school. So before she got her up, I was discussing with her that maybe we should put her pants on instead of the jumper since in was really cold outside. And we were both like, I don't know. She don't handle change too well. So then we were pondering on whether or not to just put pants on or appease her (cuz we both knew we were gonna have to appease her in SOME way) and allow her to put the pants on under her jumper so she can just take them off once she got to school.  So we chose the last option.  My mom starts getting her ready at this point. Now typically, I am not home when this takes place. But today was my lucky day!!!!  So my mother was explaining the pants situation (it was a *situation*) by this point, and how it was particularly cold outside, blah blah blah and MiniMe says, without so much as blinking an eye..

"But O'mama, thats why I have on tights, to keep my legs from getting cold"

Ya'll, I died! I mean I was in the bedroom hollering! LMAOOOO She was sooooooo sincere! She was not about wearing the pants for it wasn't part of her uniform! Now see, everything would have been copisthetic had I told her the night before that she would be wearing pants in the morning. She would have had overnight to process that in her mind. You just can't spring new shit on her! LMAOO

last but not least....

MiniMe has it in her now that I should look pretty. In a 5 year old's mind, that means Mommy, do your hair, makeup and put on some nice clothes! LMAOO Forget chooo!!!  In the past she has told me that it wasn't fair for her to look pretty and I am not looking pretty. OK KID!  Then she told me that I need to "look pretty" so that I can find me a husband! Why is she so concerned about this? I mean, this has really gotten her goat as of late.  So when I washed my hair and rolled it the other day she woke up to me in curls and 'bout damn near had a strolke! LMAOO Mommy you look preeeeeeeetty! Ok sweetie thanks. And as I go to put on my sweats for school she asks incredulously...

"You wearing THAT???"

DAYUM gal I GOT the hint! sheeeeesh 


  1. LOL
    poor mommy needs a husband
    and i feel her on the tights, be tryin to mess up her outfit and stuff

    mine wore hooker boots and a bicycle helmet to school the other day
    it was easier than fighting her

  2. I got the perfect boy for her - too cute!

  3. From the mouths of babes!!!

    And don't think that stance is gonna change when she gets older either...because I JUST had to have a conversation with my Mama about coming out of the house in some of her...

    For lack of a better term...



  4. I get on my moms too cuz she be TRIPPIN! But damn!! Mommy doesn't feel like dress pants, twin sets and dress shoes in this weather!!!! I am taking joy of being a student in my *Roosevelt* sweatshirt.

  5. ROFLMAO!!!!

    I got me one of them 5 yr olds too! Ya NEVER know what they are gonna say.

  6. As i was getting ready today to take her to school i pulled on jeans with the t-shirt i had slept in.....AND also wore yesterday (i been a lil under the weather, ok!...LOL) She looks at me and say's "You wearin THAT AGAIN?"

  7. Okay I'm reading this dying laughing. Kids are just so adorable!!!!

  8. I have one for you. . . So when I had Mekai, because he was so high up, they had to do a vertical cut. . . well without all the details, there were alot of complications and the scar has healed jacked up. . . why did my daughter ask me why I had a hiney in the front. . .sighhhhhh... LOL

  9. it aint just me who does that? phew

  10. when i was pregnant my ddaughter was 7 and gave me a lil piece of paper with the phone number for a weight loss informercial on it

  11. CTFU!!!!......................hahahahahahahahhahaha

  12. Lmao... I love kiddie stories. I use to be on my mom about how she dressed when I was younger. She lived in jeans and tshirts. Now I am similar. BTW ..thats a cute picture!

  13. Lol see when you said that the old wayans movie "are you my daddy" popped in to my head. Yeah she gonna need to let you enjoy you some free time.

    As for the outfit thing, lol I mean I'm sure the timing was perfect "thats why I wear tights to keep my legs from getting cold". I'm sure she had the cute and innocent duh look on her face and everything.

  14. thats why you NEED to have ONE!

    *runs outta my own page REAL FAST LIKE*

  15. I don't know what kinda look she had on her face cuz she was talking to my mom, I only HEARD it!! All I know is her TIMING was EXCELLENT! LMAOOO

  16. AWWWWWW!!!!! Miniqueen looks JUST like her VERY BEAUTIFUL MOM! :)

  17. No problem, big sis! Just tellin' the truth! ;) *big hug and kiss on the cheek*