Monday, February 16, 2009

Blasting off 3....

Why is it whenever I have just cleaned my floors on my hands and knees, something springs a leak in my house causing repair people to come in therefore causing footprints??

Why is it I cant find the dustpan that took me 2 years to buy in the first place?

Why do I have 8 forks but only 3 spoons?  Where the fuck does the spoons go in the first place???

Yanno I still haven't bought a potato peeler right? Been in the apartment a little over 2 years and STILL no potato peeler! LMAOOO

I was home all day and didn't watch Oprah this morning! Oh thats right, my ass was still sleep. damn...

Ya ever notice that when the house is not at its cleanest the devil is running rampant all up and through there?

I am only halfway finished with the bedroom and off to the living room I go. I gotta do that once the baby is down for bedtime.

How about I have bought TWO V-tech game power cords only for them bitches to stop working?!?!?!?!?!?  I can barely turn the console on with the batteries. WTF is that shit about???

Why can't I ever use the bathroom in peace? When does this end exactly? Cy says NEVER as long as you have girls.

I need another closet. Shit, I only have two. pffffffffft on that shit!

Can somebody give me some kind of formula for energy? I mean seriously, this sleeping disorder I think I have is a bit out of control.  I slept 11 hours last night and was still tired as shit when I got up. I woke up with a killer sleep headache crawling up my neck coupled with a caffeine headache. It took me a couple of hours to snap out of that. 

 Do you know I have to have 3 alarm clocks going off just so I can get up? The first two start to pull me out of my sleep so that by time the third one goes off I will hear it and get up. 

Do you have any idea how many times I have slept through all 3 alarm clocks and wake up at the time I am suppose to be at work????

I mean seriously, I can drink a redbull and carry my ass right to bed! I think they have worked for me twice and now a no go.

One time, I drank a Starbucks double shot and cleaned the whole house in 2 hours! I was like FINALLY some shit to get my ass moving!!! It was a one time deal though, that doesn't work anymore either.

I had the windows open today trynna air this place out! Now we are freezing! LMAOOO

I think my landlord comes in my apartment when I am not home and closes my windows. One day he called me and told me to please close my windows during the winter cuz mice will get in! Uhhhhhhhh DUDE, if they climb up two stories on the side of the building them mofos DESERVE to get in! LMAOOO I mean seriously, just say you don't want your heat escaping through the windows. After 3 winters here, he has finally realized not to burn my ass up! The Queen doesn't do heat! Umkay boo-boo???

Can somebody please tell my mother that Purex fades your clothes??? I ain't ungrateful and all, but MiniMe's clothes looks like she has had them for yearssss!!!!

How about 2 pairs of MiniMe's blue tights have straight disappeared!  Somebody tell me, where 'dem bitches at???

Speaking of... Whats with MiniMe eating half a sandwich, then on the other half, just eating the bread and cheese and leaving out the bologna??

And somebody tell me, how does that sound out to BALONEY???

How about my landlord is gonna pitch a natural fool when he finds out that I have broken the glass light cover?? How do you ask? By snapping my sheets high in the air!! LMAOO

How about I have done that shit 3 times in my life???

How about my tax money is gone and I did not get to buy ONE thing for myself?? I guess rent is important! LMAOO Dammit I need my ends clipped.

How about yesterday I did a weeks worth of work in 1 day and came home hurting so bad my toenails was hurting??? They still trynna ache just a little bit.

Why are kids so damn nassy and junky? SPLAIN that shit to me if you will...

How about I was washing the walls today??? Shit I'sss tiiiiiiiiiiide!

I wish I could be one of those mofos who can stay up day and night and get all kinds of shit done.  Don't them kinda mofos make you sick???

Can somebody tell me how to read my textbooks without falling asleep?? Last semester was MURDER!!! How I finished with 2 As and a B+ is BEYOND ME!!! And this semester ain't looking too good either.

Last but not least....

How about I ain't did not ONE LICK of homework this weekend??? Guess Imma be up tonight, if I don't fall asleep.


  1. poor tired worn out thing
    i feel your pain, i do!!!
    i washed my walls this weekend too AND scrubbed baseboards on hands and knees. wtf? u copying me?

  2. Shitttttt, I guess! It was feeling a little warmish as in spring cleaning!!!

    HOw about I have edited this thing? LMAOOO

    Ya'll gotta go back and read some more madness!

  3. u need some multii vitamins - once they get in your system you'll feel more energized...

  4. been there, done that. that shit doesn't work!!!! Well, maybe I kinda done that. Remember, you are speaking to a colossal DINGBAT! You think Imma remember to take a damn vitamin errrrrrrrday??

  5. What she needs is some vitamin D. *wink*

  6. kids are nassy because they are our punishment for being nassy

    how come i have burnt enough toast that all the bread together prolly cost as much as 10 toasters, but i dont have a toaster

  7. Nah....I am one of those mofos....roflmao! You need a multi-vitamin, and a good enema...and you will be on point...fah real! I don't sleep much because...well you know why...and I only slept 5 hours before that! So I tend to get a lot of shit done...I can't help it...

  8. ok, i am hating you now! lmaoooo Seriously? an enema? I go enough as it is, lets not make it... well nevermind. lmaooo

    But what is a good vitamin? I swear I have tried em and it really didn't do much for me.

  9. Y'all make it just way to easy for me. LMMFAO!!!

  10. need to have your colon cleansed because sometimes the old waste that remains in there...even with frequent eliminations, can cause you to be sluggish, and sleep far more than you normally would.

    As far as the multi-vitamin is need to speak with your doctor and have some blood work done, because sometimes the over the counter methods might work...but if you don't know what you need, then you will take one that one serve your specific needs!

    If you don't want to do that...then go to GNC & seriously speak with someone that works there about what they recommend...although sometimes those are just silly college kids...try to find the most buff guy or gal you can find working there...I find that they are usually 'health nuts' and can tell you some good ideas.....also...if you go to a whole foods store, someone working there is usually pretty knowledgeable about what works as well! But I suggest taking your punk ass to the doctor to get the best advice/recommendations possible!

  11. You really pulled my hold card with that one! FTFO!!!!!!! LMAOOOOO

  12. imma tell u the WORST possible answer
    why is it the worst? because aint no damn cure or fix
    ur tired because ur TIRED and u work too much and too hard and aint but one way to fix it
    i mean, yeah i aint a doctor. but i see what ur schedule is like, ur burning the candles at both ends and a person cant do that forever without it taking a toll

    take it from someone who has BURNT out at least twice
    so u know, accept that ur tired because u work nonstop and have a lot of responsibilities and dont worry about it too much. its normal. it sucks, but its normal. and what u cant do, u cant do.

  13. btw
    i think all houses with kids run out of spoons
    i have like 8 milion butter knives, 5 forks and 4 spoons
    there have been times when i was down to ONE spoon, i guess the kids wandered off with the rest
    i find em later under beds, in the backyard, in the laundry room etc

    but nothin like having to wash THE spoon so u can eat, makin the damn kid hurry up LOL

  14. I agree with Saki. Take your punk ass to the Doctor for a physical. It may be something simple as eating more veggies or something like that.

  15. i think i read somewhere that vitamin B12 is the shit for and energy boost?? but i dunno... mosta the time im runnin on 3 hrs sleep, thc and caffeine anyways lol

  16. i think i read somewhere that vitamin B12 is the shit for an energy boost?? but i dunno... mosta the time im runnin on 3 hrs sleep, thc and caffeine anyways lol

  17. I sowwy. shit i got tired writing it! LMAO

  18. I sowwy. LOLOLOL shit, i got tiiiiiiiiiiide!