Thursday, February 5, 2009

yanno, i know there is no such thing as a stupid question BUT...

...can ya at least stay on topic????

My professor briefly covered contract obligations regarding FMLA leaves and damn if this guy wants to show how smart he is suppose to be and ask a question about FMLA and the admistration who proposed it (which was wrong) and got so far involved with asking the question we were like whaaaaaa????

*insert crickets chirping*

and then another nut job wants to know about how long the Congress hotel employees has been striking....

*insert crickets chirping*

and yet another fool in rapid succession mind you, says she has a issue regarding her son exchanging his PSP station with another adult and it stopped working and was that a form of an oral contract???


And we are all sitting here like wtf???? you hear sighs and gasps and see people rolling their eyes!!!!

and its bad enough the professor goes off on loooooooong ass tangents, but really folks... must we encourage him???

Contract law, or rather commercial law (the class) is pretty a matter of fact. a lot of black and white and not too much gray? so uhhhhhhhh, whats the question again????


  1. GIRL! Law is GREAT. You dont like to argue and haggle and bicker over every single minute little detail and technicality and shade of nuance over the meanings of words and terms? LOL

  2. yes i do, but uhhh, as long as the bickering, details and technicality actually PERTAINS to the law at hand!

  3. jesus help me, he is at it again. *sighsssss* OK, so you read the assigned reading!!!!

  4. Pardon my English...

    But dumb ass, psuedo fucks is the reason why I LOVE my fully accredited internet based college...

    But all jokes aside...I blame the teacher...

  5. Somebody, ANYBODY, shut him up!!! I am in class with this fool for all 5 classes! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLP

  6. OK, correction, I have the same 3 for all classes and it is like in rapid succession, they ask stupid ass questions right behind each other.

    *collective sucking of the teeth*

  7. All jokes aside...

    I would speak to the TEACHER about these questions...

    Questions should be held to the END of the period...or questions should be delivered ONE-ON-ONE with the teacher...

    It is a distraction...

  8. No joke dude!!! But I think we would need a united front about it cuz I can't possibly be the only one raising this objection. Especially suffering through this in 5 classes with these 3. I am gonna talk to a couple of the other classmates who are complaining behind the scenes.

  9. I know I am NOTORIOUS for getting OFF TOPIC.