Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Internet being held hostage... (AT&T on dat bullshhhh)

OK, so last Thursday, At&t was nice enough to suspend my internet service. Soooo, I call them to pay the bill (cuz i pay on a need-to-pay basis right now) and was told that my toll restriction (my long distance and I didnt care about that) and my internet would be reinstated in 4 hours. OK. Soooo, SIX hours later I call Habib and 'nem in India somewheres (at&t internet tech support) and they said they didn't get an order for that service. Hmmm OK.

Sooo, I hang up and call back and got a different Habib and HE told me that if I can get the confirmation number of the payment he can help me out.

Why is it you can hang up, call back and get an entirely different response AND the help you need???

 The one time I didn't actually write down the confirmation number for payment!!! PFFFFT So, me forever thinking, cuz AT&T's  NEW business hours suck (they close at 6pm now and on Sundays) I called phone tech support. Sooo, they didn't have access to the confirmation number but he did give me the  order number for the reinstatement of service BUT with one glitch, the internet isn't on there. *sighs* So I call Habib and 'nem BACK and to no avail, the order did not have internet on it.

Sooo, I couldn't call Friday, and called Saturday.  after being transferred THREE times, I finally find out that I have to order new service because my internet was off so long. Huhhh??? It was off for 6 hours prior to payment. Well see, we sent the signal to disconnect out to your box on January 8th and as far as our records are concerned, you have been disconnected since January 8th and your service has been interrupted too long to be reinstated, you have to reapply, have your credit checked, etc, etc and be approved for internet. and I am like well why not do the same for long distance, it has been off since BEFORE the 8th!!!!

no answer. of course.

Sooo, dude then does the application and by this point I have been on the phone for 30 minutes and I am waaaaaaaaay overdue to go back to work.  So I tell dude this and he says, ok, no problem, give me your work number and i will call you back if there are any problems, if I don't call you everything is good.

Sooo, I go home, still no internet. Call Habib and 'nem back and they have no order on file. *sighssssssssssssssss*

By this time, I am ready to blow a GASKET!!! Especially since I have to wait until MONDAY to call them.

Soooo, on yesterday I call them and finally got the order placed. OK. Dude tells me it will be two days. UNH UNH buddy! Not acceptable! I know there has GOT to be a way to get turned on more quickly. so he says he will send me to internet tech support and i was like OH HELLSSSSS NO!!!! So they can keep calling me Sir...

(there must be no women in their country with deep voices and someone needs to train them fools that RobertAAAAAAA is a FEMALE NAME DAMMIT CUZ IF THEY CALL ME SIRRRR ONE MO GIN IMMA BE PADDLING A ROW BOAT ACROSS THE PACIFIC OR ATLANTIC TO FIND THEM press one for english MOFOSSSS!!!)

*deep breath*

Anywaysss. dude says he is going to make sure that he finds me somd eone American born with no accent and says he will be right back... So he comes back, and sure nuff, i get someone American born and this bitch has got a TUDE!!!! WTF????  Sooo, after calmly explaining the situation and nicely asking if my internet service could be expedited and this chick proceeds to tell me how they just can't flip a switch (I was cool till she said this) and I am just going to have to wait until Wednesday.

*exhales real harrrrd like*

I know perfectly well that AT&T just don't merely flip a switch and I also know that the girl told me on Thursday that my service will be reinstated in 4 hours and that AT&T has an obligation to honor that. BUT FOR (I love the legal jargon I DO understand LOLOL); had the original technician told me on Thursday that I would need to order new service I would have internet right now soooo how about you find somebody to help me, better yet transfer me to complaints cuz I am done talking to you about it.

And then she says, well if you would like to complain you need to go to att.com...



Oh no she didn't hang up on me?!?!?!?!?! At this point, two hours have passed by so then I called back and gave whoever who answered the phone an EARFUL. Poor thang. LOLOL He told me to write the executive office, blah, blah, blah and Imma still have to wait until Wednesday for my internet.


Meanwhile I am done with ATT and their bullshit! For real!!!! I am switching to WOW and have my cable bundled in for the same price. FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!

And have you heard about job IN SOURCING back to the United States??? Folks is TIIIIIIIIRED of Habib and 'nem and their only-speakin-english-when-its-convenient- asses!!!!



  1. I have Comcast and completely satisfied. I pay $118.00 for cable. phone, and internet. T-mobile is another b*tch to deal with. All americans but idiots. I should write a blog on them. lol

  2. This sounds like that shit I went through with Verizon a minute ago trying to find out how/why I lost my email address....

  3. @Goldie: I am soo getting me a bunlde, I dont care for comcast either. here in chicago, they are idiots!!! http://www1.wowway.com/

    @Da Stingaaaaaa: Gurl BYE. They did that business to me last year too!

    I guess Immma go home now and *study*. pfffffffffft

  4. everyone i know is having problems with their cable and phone companies this month!!

  5. And now you know why I won't deal with at& fucking t. Years ago those mutherfuckers tried to fleece me on my cell phone bill and actually disconnected my service based on some bullshit that in the end turned out to be their problem. Mind you it took 4 months for them to figure that shit out even though I had the proof from day 1. Anywho, drop them bastards if ya can!!

  6. Ohhhh Lord!!!...............I HATE dealing with shit like that!!!! If you ask me.......they're all difficult to deal with when you have a problem.

    Good luck!

  7. I have a bundle package...cable internet and phone. Way better than anything else I've ever had.

    Looks like you got internet now?


  9. AT&T/BellSouth has always sucked donky balls.
    I can't believe that heffa told you to go to ATT.com and hung up on you!! Be sure you write somebody about this foolishness.
    (On the other hand, that was hilarious...you will be able to laugh later.)

  10. But, I did change my service providers last night. I switched to WOW! and got a cable, internet and phone bundle for just 20 bucks more. I currently do not have cable.


  11. Well considering I steal, I mean borrow without them knowing, my internet wi-fi from a neighbor with an open line, refuse to pay cable, and have 3000 daytime minutes on my cell... I just avoid this situation totally. I cannot deal. I can't stand the ridiculous prices. I can't stand the ridiculous service. I cannot stand that they make you pay a month in advance here, but will cut you off if you are late on a payment EVEN though you are still a month ahead. Makes my brain hurt.

  12. See that's that boo-boo right there!

  13. She lied and your wrong. As somebody who used to work tech support for a satellite company, it's just like deciding your birthday when signing up for a website. Change an option, click okay, send a signal.

    they tell your 4 hours so that if it doesn't come on in 5 minutes you don't hold them liable. But yes they do just "flip a switch". If your shit was off I flipped the option, hit a button a signal was sent and it ain take no 4 hours either, it takes 4-5 minutes.

    You got lied to, badly lied to. They got somebody with a tude(probably not somebody in the department or a supervisory position, just somebody they figured could scare you off ) because they figured it would get you off the phone. But yeah the we can't just flip a switch, bullshit they can, they do it all day, next time you hear that ask them what are they not sitting in front of a computer looking at your account with an option to activate, past due, or chgff(charge off, which is usually an automatic happening and your neeeever supposed to take somebody out of charge off status unless in the appropriate department). And if she says it doesn't work like that ask for a departmental supervisor and the HER SUPERVISOR(or his), and ask for as many supervisors as it takes for somebody to walk over and say yes we can just hit an option and yes it will take a few minutes but I can FLIP A SWITCH to get you reconnected.

    Hell my wife had to do that when she got her charter service, they kept upselling her and never turning her shit on until it got to the point where she had called sooo many people that the heads of 3 departments sent her emails and they called a guy out of a class to come see what the hell was finally wrong with it(some idiot had disconnected the wrong unit outside). But if you get attitude never get off the phone and never take a bullshit shame you off the phone answer(never agree with that shit, because the second they do they have their out to get you to hang up which is most of the time the goal when they get a fellow employee to play supervisor).

  14. I can testify to that... in similar situation but in dealing with a bank; a friend of mine went to make a large purchase of $4700 via her debit card and the bank declined on "some" limit restriction type bs. She called to get it overridden and they gave her some jive about "those are the rules". She was just going to accept it and I asked her "is that your money, in your account? Didn't you just verify your identity to their satisfaction?"

    Those so-in-so's held her on hold for 45 minutes (45 minutes!) which I honestly believe they did to frustrate her into hanging up. Then magically a supervisor appeared and the transaction went through within the next two minutes.

    So umm yeah... das some bogus ish they be on!

  15. Okay that was beyond aggravating!!! Then for her to tell you to complain on a website when you have no internet? Oh yeah she would have gotten the business!!

  16. I will write a letter in a minute, and let them know I'd be complaining to ALL the authorities I could think of. I don't take that shit lying down.

  17. I wish I would have to talked to you prior to my dealings with them.

  18. man. thats all I got. LOLOLOL *taking notes*

  19. As long as I got the crackberry on me I'm usually available for pm or instant message yeah there's a lot of tricks to the trade.

    Hell if you are on hold and you here the music stop, dialing and then more hold time you just got blind transferred(yes I have call center horror stories trust me it ain just the customers some folks fuck over)

  20. lmao@you!

    wait... let me rephrase that... lmaoWITHyou:D

    i hate habib n'em!! for real for real!! lol

  21. Good everything going well so far? Who are you with now?

  22. i am with WOW. I dont think they are down south yet.

  23. Nope never heard of them until today