Friday, August 21, 2009

imma get enough of doing stuff at the last minute. landed an appt for 3:30 this afternoon. needless to say. the job isn't PLEASED!Going in at 5 instead of 1. But in my defense, I HATE making medical appointments.The people on the phone are alwa...ys rude n seem like they WANT 2 inconvenience you! 1st available ones are always at some time damn inconvenient OR to find a good time slot you gotta wait 6 MONTHS! dahell??? and then you end up missing the appt cuz you have forgotten about it 6 months later! MiniMe's initial dentist appointment? First available appt is APRIL 2010! WTF???


  1. OmEmGee
    2010 that is ridiculous.
    Do what you have to do and i usually mark the calenders when I get such spread out appointments because lawd knows there is way to much going on in the day to day life to be remembering a 6 month appointment but if it's written on the calendar you will see it when you turn to that month.

  2. yeah....the dentist is always booked....can't miss the app. or ur screwed...

  3. whats up with that?? are there not enough tooth Nazi's in the world?

  4. ...

    please tell me you're joking.