Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last night was NOT a good night... Between blackouts... the drama that is the MiniMe... my arm socket going out and me not being able to raise my arm (which did not sit well with trying to blow out some hair) and slowly realizing that if this arm business does not fix itself by Sunday... I can forget about the police power test! But i am blessed.... MiniMe is starting school today at the same school!!!! AND i want to thank all landlords who have 100 year old apartment buildings in Chicago and HAVE NOT updated the electrical system!!!!! That basement is CREEPY BUSINESS!!!! LOLOL


  1. Yay! on minime going to the same school. unless your arm is an old injury you can forget about sunday, takes a few weeks for a shoulder injury to heal. Depending on the severity. I've injured both shoulders no fun at all(different times and one was from my own stupidty)

  2. lol...girl, i feel you...been there and done that..