Sunday, August 9, 2009

For All of You who Offered to OFF MISTERRRRR for me.....

Does the offer still stand?????

Where do we start????

A couple of weeks ago, I told Misterrr that I would not be able to pay what I am suppose to pay which is half of his traveling

expenses when he comes and gets MIniMe and returns her for the tune of $300.  (don't ask, judge's orders) it is so high because he insists on driving a damn Expedition when he comes up.

Anywayss, with this looming tuition bill fast approaching and my rent still not paid for August, I simply do not have it. I just don't. Nothing I can do about it.

So, I get this email just moments ago, saying that he will be arriving on his scheduled day 4 hours earlier than originally planned. Ummm, won't be home, i have to work this Saturday, which I planned with Management when I got the original email. I have to open that day, and I won't be getting off until 4 and not arriving until at least 5:30. Can't afford to leave 3 hours earlier and lose my money. Nope, can't and will not do it!!!

7 days notice? Not gonna work...

He pulls this shit every year, be it Christmas break or summer break, changes his arrival time and throws my shit way off base. I either have to call in or call out. He did it last Christmas, told me two days before he was scheduled to arrive that he won't be coming until the day after the agreed upon date which forced me to call off from my retail job in the heat of the Christmas season! A Saturday to boot!!!!

I sent him an email saying that I will see him at 5:30pm and that no, i will not be having his money.

Let the email wars begin...


  1. Girl, WHY did you TELL him THAT? Lisa... you have got to STOP feeding into his game.. I thought you weren't going to mention the MONEY...

    Lisa... girl, you gots to do better with him! If this dude is doing the same shit over and over again, why in the Sam hell do you feed into it? this ain't nothing new to you... but you continue to feed into it...

    yes, there will be an email battle, but Boo (and you know I love ya) you fed into the madness, you passed the drama torch...

    you should have kindly told him, I won't be home until 5:30, and that's that... why did you mention that money?

    I'mma say this, and then I'll be done... you got way too much on your plate to be feeding into his shit... he's trying to control you, he knows what he's doing... he wants a reaction... it's the whole puppet on the string mentality, and each and every time, you fall for it...

    IGNORE HIM... and STOP letting him CONTROL your ACTIONS... and STOP playing his SILLY games... unless of course, there's a small part of you, that enjoys this shit? ... LET IT GO...


  2. and I know you got some deep response as to why you said what you said... but at the end of the day... you wrote it yourself, "He pulls this shit every year, be it Christmas break or summer break, changes his arrival time and throws my shit way off base" and each and every time, you get all bent out of shape over it...

    trust me, his subconscious is saying, "once again i got that bitch worked up"


  3. I don't think I fed into into it...

    My response:

    Dearest Willie:

    Your previous email said that you were arriving after 5pm. I have to work that morning until 4pm, therefore not getting home until 5:30. You cannot rearrange the schedule a mere 7 days prior to arriving. I cannot afford to lose 3 hours of pay. And, I will not have your money until sometime in September. Between rent and her tuition and fees, I am broke. Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter. I made a concession for you to reduce child support to 250 per month, you can make one for me and wait until September for your money.

    Most sincerely...


  4. *sigh*

    we all handle things differently...

    jus' get Taylor home, and pray there's NO drama...

  5. which is why I mentioned the money. You gotta remember, he is unstable and has a tendency to violence towards ME. You think Imma spring that surprise on him when he gets here?????

  6. cyn402002

    cyn402002 wrote today at 2:08 AM

    What a dick he is! I wouldnt have said nothing..just let his ass take what I would say to him when he dropped my child off..and if you dont have the money dont worry about..what can he do? Nothing!

    If you spring the surprise on him and he has a violent streak have someone with you that will be your witness if he tries anything with you. Or better yet have the police waiting with you when he drops Minime off..

    Stop having the fear in him..and as long as he knows you are scared of his violence he is going to continue to push you with whatever he wants!

    And after I read what he did to his mother on the side of the road and his kids were in the car..I would go back to court and let your child tell the story..this man is unstable to visit ANYONE much less HIS OWN CHILD!!

  7. I wonder why in the hell comments won't appear???/

  8. I have nothing to add. I just pray that everything goes ok when he returns your baby home to you.

  9. yeah, I'm with TNP on this one; I hope it all works out too.

    Willie is a piece of work.

    And yeah, the offer STILL STANDS, babygirl.


  10. been on the phone all morning. trying to see what my options are. right now, waiting for a call back from police department in ga.

    lemme back up, he has threatened not to bring her at the agreed upon time which is considered a misdemeanor or felony. It is called, interfering with custody agreement.

    it is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE to me, the wrong information you will receive on the phone all in an effort to get you off the phone. smh

  11. *sigh* *hug* I'm praying for you because I know it's taking a toll on you.

  12. Wow...and that's all I'm gonna say about this fuckery! *smh*

  13. im praying for you as well.... jus get the baby home..

    thank you Jesus in advance..we pray that minime gets home at the appointed time. cover our friend lisa..give her the needed strength to carry on. bless her finances Lord..and lastly keep her safe from harm.. you gave her the strength to leave ths man, now Lord keep her safe and her mind sane! thank you.. in Jesus name i pray.