Monday, August 17, 2009

I so love the principal at MiniMe's school. And I was worried for nothing! Told me he was taking my money to put me on a good foot starting the school year (400 in fees and first 2 months of tuition), forgave the after care costs for last year, and applying the balance of what I gave him (2k) to last year's tuition. God is good to me!!! did the dentist, no cavities just some issues with gums and new teeth growing in. went to urgent care for the ears... no problems there. (thank God) will be scheduling shots and physicals soon. Funny thing is, she stopped complaining about the pain in her ears when I announced I was taking her to the doctor and she feared getting shots! LMAOOO She swore her ears didn't hurt anymore! LMAOO


  1. LOL Yay!!!!

    Mum wins again with lil Ms Drama Queen

    I do that with my youngest (the doctor defence) and as soon as I mention possibly needing a needle, she's all healthy and stuff

  2. LOL!!Minime didnt want any shots..LOL
    There are some good people in the world..glad things are working out for you!

  3. All things work together for the good... glad you're experiencing some GOOD!